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Underground Legends (Einzelgänger, Kaotic Concrete, Tekneek, Mr.G & Micky Gargano) - The Clash Of The Titans | (
The Pioneers of old Essex lyricism, the loner phenomenon from the Northwest, the indestructible heart of Boston's epicness, the Godfather of Italian battle Rap. Legends of the Underground united to a Power-Rap-Crew called Underground Legends. Einzelgänger, Kaotic Concrete, Tekneek, Mr.G & Micky Gargano. 

The Clash Of The Titans, first Crew-Album will be Released on January 20th, 2017. A Journey through the dark world of Titans and Legends. It marks gloomy, frequently dark Story's of the Underworld. Rap in 3 Languages (English, Swiss Dialect & Italian) gives the Record an emotional very diversified mix on a spectrum of 19 Songs. Majestic Melodic Powerful Epic Boom Bap Beats taking the Album to a rare Masterpiece! All Songs are Produced, Arranged, Mixed & Mastered By Einzelgänger. Gesto (IT), Kue The Vandal (USA), Kryptic (NZ), Speciez (CAN) & Apache (FR) are supporting the Record on Guest appearances.


released January 20, 2017 

All Songs Produced By Einzelgänger // Mixing & Mastering: Einzelgänger // Artwork: Einzelgänger 

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