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Homage (CVG) - Gamma (
producer Homage (CVG) returns with nine lyricist to delve into the
fragile psyche of perhaps the most familiar mythical character of our
time. This finely-crafted piece of hip hop showcases not only the rich
and textured production value and orchestration prowess of the prolific
Homage (CVG), but also displays the voluminous lyrical talent among the
diverse group of emcees featured on the album. It serves as an audible
narrative that guides the listener through a perilous journey of deceit
and bad science where tempers are lost, and things get broken.


released January 2, 2017

Production and Beats: Homage (CVG)


1. Boogie Bang

2. AP

3. Vibe One

4. Beeb

5. Kyle David

6. Ill Mill

7. Plavi

8. Kill Bill

9. Citoak

Master and Sound Engineering: Prospek

Cover Art: Beeb

Recorded at New Fidelity Studios, Cincinnati