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Lady Paradox & Gadget - Mood Swings (PreOrder) (
Paradox and Gadget have actually talked about working together since
2008, when they found a mutual respect for each other’s craft and work
ethic over the years. Like many collaborators, it was a case of trying
to mutually find the perfect time to commit to the many ideas they had
in mind. Now, after a few collaborations via compilations and the odd
single release, they have finally managed to conjure up their first
collaborative project entitled ‘Mood Swings’. The album nicely blends
Jazz infused beats with laid back vocals and a sense of familiarity that
leaves us wondering why this project hadn't happened sooner.

The features were well thought out and kept to a minimum as they employ
the talents of the Boom Bap Professionals emcee Efeks (one half of
Prose), the vocalist Anna Stott (Ikestra), and the talented James
Greenway who handles all artwork.


releases September 9, 2016

MJM104: Mood Swings

- Written, performed and recorded by R.L Watson

Additional writing and vocals by D.J Lewis, A. Uhuru and P.D Zenzo

- Produced, mixed, arranged, mastered to cassette, compact disc and digital by Gadget at the Audio Dojo

- All artwork designed by J. Greenway

Vinyl sleeve art edited by Bir Dy

- Vinyl version mastered, manufactured and distributed by Vinyl Digital

-Recorded to tape cassette and printed by Keith and Lisa Herd at Fair View Duplications.

-Digipak CD manufactured by the Duplication Centre UK.

-Vinyl mastered, manufactured and distributed by Vinyl Digital.