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Ill Conscious - The Essence LP Snippets (2015) (soundcloud.com)
Ill Conscious - The Essence


A1 Good Morning Baltimore
A2 The Pledge
A3 Sheep
A4 What You Need
A5 Born Supreme
A6 When it Sounded Like This

B1 The Essence
B2 A West Side Thing feat. Dirt Platoon
B3 The Ruler
B4 Wisdom
B5 Subliminal Propaganda
B6 When It Sounded Like This Pt.2

A1, A4 & B2 produced by Loop Holes. A2 & A6 produced by Cold Logistics.
A3 & B4 produced by TooNorth. A5 & B3 produced by M.W.P. B1 produced by
illMeasured. B5 produced by Theology. Cuts on A6 & B1 by illMeasured. Cuts on
B2 by Dekstra Large. Cuts on B3 by DJ Modesty.

Price is £14.99 + shipping (4gbp to UK, 6.50gbp to Europe or 9gbp to USA/Oz/Asia)

There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY

This first 120 copies will be on CRYSTAL CLEAR vinyl.
And the remaining 230 are on traditional black vinyl


B1 The Essence
B2 A West Side Thing feat. Dirt Pla