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Crew42: Eyes on Sydney City ft. Mikey Armstrong (Music: Soul Purpose - Eyes on tommorow) (2015) (youtube.com)
Dominic, Carl and Marx Headed into sydney city to train with Mikey Armstrong, who lives out west. Spending the day hitting some sunny spots while we have the chance and having a great time catching up

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Music: Eyes on tommorow - Soul purpose
Over the Coming weeks Crew42 will be collabarating with Soul purpose to bring you hip-hop and parkour on a united front!
Soul Purpose is a London based Hip-Hop collective featuring a variety of rappers, singers and beat-makers. Combining raw, gritty production with distinctively British lyricism and soulful samples, the group have carved out a modern Hip-Hop sound that showcases the Golden-Era influence that is prevalent in their music.
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