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Shanti Powa - Run Run (2014) (youtube.com)
From: Shanti Powa - The Orchestra

Artist: Shanti Powa
Album: The Orchestra
Recording and mixing in No Logo Studio (Bolzano) by Carmelo Giacchino & Fabio Sforza
Mastered by Swift Mastering (London)

Shanti Powa are
Vocals: Alice Yeoue, Bertrand J. Rise, Michael Monteleone, Simone Codazzi
E-Guitar: Ariel Trettel, Emanuel Agostini
Acoustic Guitar: Peter Burchia
Bass: Lukas Pichler
Trumpet: Josef Mayr
Sax: Markus Capello, Patrick Zippl
Didgeridoo: Sir Gulliver J. Klauser
Drums: Florian Gamper
Turntable: Olavo Lachner

Special Guests:
Trombone: Willy Melojer
Keyboard: Lorenzo Scrinzi, Carmelo Giacchino
Artwork by Michael Monteleone & Sir Gulliver J. Klauser