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Army Of The Pharaohs - The Tempter And The Bible Black (Preview from Heavy Lies The Crown out 10.21.14) (youtube.com)
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"The Tempter and the Bible Black" featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Celph Titled & Apathy from the new album "Heavy Lies The Crown" available October 21, 2014.

Produced by Stu Bangas. Cuts by DJ Kwestion.

Army of the Pharaohs "Heavy Lies The Crown" tracklist:

1. War Machine featuring Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled, Esoteric & Apathy (Produced by Frank Dukes)

2. Blood Storm featuring Crypt the Warchild, Planetary, Celph Titled & Des Devious (Produced by Nero)

3. The Tempter and the Bible Black featuring Vinnie Paz, Planetary, Esoteric, Apathy & Celph Titled (Produced by Stu Bangas)

4. Serpent King featuring Blacastan, Celph Titled, Crypt the Warchild, Planetary & Zilla (Produced by C-Lance)

5. The King’s Curse featuring Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Planetary, Apathy & Esoteric (Produced by DJ 7L)

6. Terrorstorm featuring Vinnie Paz, Celph Titled, Block McCloud, Reef the Lost Cauze, Esoteric, Crypt the Warchild & Apathy (Produced by C-Lance)

7. Conjure the Legions featuring Esoteric, Planetary, Apathy, Vinnie Paz, Crypt the Warchild, Celph Titled, Reef the Lost Cauze, King Syze & Lawrence Arnell (Produced by C-Lance)

8. Fed to the Lions featuring Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Planetary, Apathy, Esoteric & Celph Titled (Produced by Twiz The Beat Pro)

9. Sword and Bullet featuring Doap Nixon, Crypt the Warchild, Demoz & Vinnie Paz (Produced by Shuko)

10. Wrath Prophecy featuring Zilla, Planetary, Doap Nixon & Celph Titled (Produced by Beatnick Dee)

11. Conversation with a Bullet featuring Zilla, Celph Titled, Planetary & Vinnie Paz (Produced by Juan Muteniac)

12. The Hate and the Blame featuring Apathy, Esoteric, Lawrence Arnell, Vinnie Paz & Crypt the Warchild (Produced by Todd Spadafore)

13. Becoming the Absolute featuring Crypt the Warchild, Apathy, Zilla & Vinnie Paz (Produced by DJ Skizz)

14. The Quickening featuring Planetary, Esoteric, King Syze & Blacastan (Produced by MTK & Kevin Lavitt)

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