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Marlena Shaw - Woman Of The Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix) (Cold Busted) (2014) (
Available Now From Cold Busted
1. Woman of the Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)
2. Woman of the Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Instrumental Mix)

Cold Busted has hit the big one-double-0 (that's one hundred) release mark. How does a label celebrate such a milestone? By going one above today’s current wild wild west landscape of digital sampling and officially licensing a legendary '60s-era song that's made its rounds in the golden era of sample based hip-hop. Akshin Alizadeh, the man from Azerbaijan, is the lucky one tapped from the label's roster to remix Marlena Shaw's "Woman of the Ghetto."

The producer’s strong funk and nu-jazz influences, as well as his ability to combine funky grooves with punchy hip-hop beats, are on full display once again. Rightfully dramatic orchestral strings give way to bluesy rhythmic wah-wah guitar plucking, slightly cabaret-ish piano, pitch bending keys, and a totally sultry sax. The percussion sounds like signature Alizadeh with a flickering hat pattern, well placed snare rolls, and punchy interplay with the kick. For the DJs needing to spice things up, an instrumental is included. If this achievement is any indication of the new century of releases from Cold Busted then bring on one hundred more!

Mark Farina - “Nice!”
Sunshine Jones (Dubtribe) - “It’s so nice to hear this song again.”
Quincy Jointz (Timewarp) - “It’s really a big challenge to remix this classic. It’s a really a very good remix.”
Inland Knights - “This is cool … Cold Busted comes correct again.”
Dogu (Ancient Astronauts / Switchstance) - “I love that groove!”
Stereo 77 (Plimsoll Records) - “Very well done!”
Michael Reinboth (Compost Records) - “Great … a very smart boogie mix. I will play this for sure.”
Jaymz Nylon (Nylon Trax) - “We all need a lil’ jazziness in our lives … amazing!”
DJ Naz (Buddha Bar) - “Wonderful! Funky, chilled out touches and jazzy notes, lovely bass line … all in all very smooth, sensual and sexy. This is excellent laid back listening.”
René Josquin ( - “Some may say that the original is untouchable. Such a classic. But this remix is done with respect and love, mixing memories with good things upcoming. Big time.”
DJ Nova (Rodon FM, Greece) - “Chilled vibes. Deep and groovy funk beatz, ready for Las Salinas beach and summer 2014.”
Dado Funky Poetz (Radio Monte Carlo) - “Fantastic sound with a supreme lead vocal. Perfect!”
DJ Derek Jones (Soular Grooves Radio) - “Tight snares, sexy sax, and smooth keys make this one a real work of art. Perfect for hot summer nights.”
Sandro Bianchi (Ibiza Sonica) - “A masterpiece!”
Caio Zini (Electro Boogie Encounter) - “Super sexy song.”
Roger Cowell (The Joint Sessions, Barcelona) - “Very nice. I have been playing this song in different versions for 20+ years in my sets, so it’s great to have a fresh take on a classic. Many spins are scheduled for this over the summer.”
MadameFLY (mmRadio / BeatConcious) - “A perfect remix … everybody wins on this one. It’s hypnotic, it’s great, and the instrumental is powerful.”

Available now from Beatport:…e-ghetto/1311814 and The Cold Busted Shop:…-alizadeh-mixes

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