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Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Am I Dreaming? (2010) (
From: Laura Vane & The Vipertones - Am I Dreaming

“Since we formed over the internet (on MySpace) in late 2008, the momentum has grown and grown. This project is so lively and everyone is so dedicated to the music, I love the way that it works, and our enjoyment also comes across really strongly at gigs! The first album, self titled (Laura Vane and The Vipertones) exceeded my expectations in terms of exposure, radio play and bookings and we played some brilliant festivals throughout 2010, all over Europe. Now, with our second album Sugar Fix due for release in mid April 2011, I am really excited and curious as to how it will be received. Ton, Phil and I have been very keen to make sure that all the fabulous musicians we have been working with over the past 18 months contribute to the album, and I think it has helped us to succeed in making a brilliant record! Whilst experimenting with different directions within the genre of funk, soul and pop, we are keeping a close watch on the quality of the songs, and (I think, and I hope) this will be the reason why we can continue to make such memorable connections with our audience and listeners. Let’s see what this album can do!’
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    DJ the original Nin Really like the 60s soul vibe you've got going on. I can imagine you were influenced by this genre of music. FAB! dj the original Nin
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