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Meiso ”Medicine” feat. E13 (
Directed, filmed and edited by SWAMP HOUSE
Rokuro Video Series Linked with PYRO Remix by Candle

Special Thanks
Hitomi Urushihara
Son of the Cheese
Bugs People

From Meiso's Album 「轆轤」(Rokuro)
All beats by MA$A$HI (8th wonder)

2017.1.25 in stores

1. 前業 ~Intro~ feat. SPIN MASTER A-1
2. 轆轤
3. Double Fresh feat. 言xTHEANSWER, SPIN MASTER A-1
4. For the love feat. BASI
5. Universal Language feat. OYG
6. A2Z feat. Myka 9
7. 八戒
8. 禁断の果実 feat. キダハシヤ
9. Velocity
10. 丑三ツ feat. Kuroyagi, MA$A$HI
11. Medicine feat. E13
12. PYRO feat. Hisomi-TNP, MA$A$HI, Omega Cix
13. 邪魔者
14. 少年時代
15. 還元 ~Outro~
-Bonus Tracks-
16. 丑三ツ Bugseed remix
17. 轆轤 Bugseed remix

Artwork by imaone

Meiso Twitter: @MEISO_

MA$A$HI Twitter: @nejel_mongrel

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