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PJD - Just Honest (

[Verse 1] 
Bars are going over heads like a Boeing jet 
Spit facts only ever lie when I go to bed 
I stand out like I’m overdressed 
Told you all already that I’m deadly when I hold a pen 
I ain’t here to make another tune 
About my drug abuse, money booze and all the guns I shoot 
That’s nothing new, you don’t have be a gully youth 
To kill it when you rap on a track - here’s your fucking proof 
Too raw like a blue steak 
Running laps around these rappers like I’m tryna lose weight 
You jokers have gone picked a fight with Bruce Wayne 
Got these fakers tripping like they didn’t tie their shoe lace 
Peter piper picked a peck of pickled peppers 
You’ve never seen a rhymer spit as fresh with little effort 
I just play with words and make it work 
Got them punches that’ll make your faces hurt when I create a verse 
Man I’m hungry like I have the munchies 
You wack rappers lack bars like Islamic countries 
Chavvy pussies, scruffy little drugged up pricks 
Who wouldn’t know what a good punch is - suck some dick 
One punch and you’re down 
Slumped on the ground and ain’t getting up for the count 
Got a little fan base and they’re loving the sound 
But I ain’t really even trying I’m just fucking around 
It’s Patrick that kid who chats shit 
Going spastic like I need my crack fix 
A daft prick, attractive to fat chicks 
Effortlessly making classics I’m that sick I smash it 
Flows smoother than snake skin 
And every time I drop a tune it’s amazing 
I’m too hard I’d win a fight with Chuck Norris 
These amateurs should hang up the mic and just stop it, I’m just honest 

[Verse 2] 
You can’t fuck with the style that I’m bringing 
Been doing this shit for a while I’m nice with it 
I can see the look in your eyes when I’m spitting 
You’re green it’s like I’m seeing you guys in night vision 
Tight writtens, I’m hitting hard these haymakers 
Are face breakers, fuck up all you lame fakers 
I rhyme hard, mind’s sharper than straight razors 
A game changer, too sick like aids patients 
I will never dumb it down 
Like these mumble clowns I’ll stay underground like I’m dead and buried 
Got the flavour I’m ice cold like Ben and Jerries 
And I will never sell my soul to get on telly 
It’s been a little while now I’m back again 
Here to show these simple mother fuckers how to rap again 
So listen to me outflow these geeks 
My shit’s clean I got OCD I’m just honest


released May 4, 2019 
Writer: PJD 
Producer: Ishen 
Engineer: Kevin Karafa