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Triple Darkness - Darker Than Black (2015) (

CD (exclusively available through Suspect Pacakges):

Bringing a sound that can only be likened to the early output by Wu-Tang & Gravediggaz, Triple Darkness present their first full length double lp featuring every member of the 12 man strong group ‘Darker Than Black’.

With a crew consisting of Melanin 9, Cyrus Malachi, Ray Vendetta, Tesla’s Ghost, Solar Black, Iron Braydz, Ringz Ov Saturn, Black Prophet, Crown Nectar, Neta Rootz, Blasphemy & Bad Company (who have each made a name for themselves with their own solo projects and collaborations) you can rest assured that when they get together they raise the bar.

With production handled by Ringz Ov Saturn, 7th Dan, Bad Company, Tony Mahoney and UK beat legend Evil Ed the whole lp combines dark, atmospheric beats with the varied vocals styles of the whole crew.
Raw, hard hitting, intelligent and thought provoking ‘Darker Than Black’ brings us something that’s been sorely missing in hip hop today