• Swinn Da Example x Grungy Boguez - Double Tung Slash (Interlude) (Official Music...
    "Double Tung Slash (Interlude)" from emcee Swinn Da Example and producer Grungy Boguez. "Files From The Dungeon" (Remixes And Unreleased Tracks) OUT NOW on all digital stores.

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  • Funkmaster Flex Feat. Nine Double M - Six Million Ways To Die (1993) | Official ...
    From the single "Six Million Ways To Die" Produced by Funkmaster Flex

    Nervous Records, 1993.

    Aston George Taylor Jr. (born August 5, 1968) better known as Funkmaster Flex is an American hip hop DJ, rapper, musician and producer on New York City's Hot 97 radio station.

    Nine is the stage name of Derrick Keyes (born September 19, 1969), an American rapper from The Bronx, New York City, New York. He also been known as 9MM or Nine Double M. Known for his harsh, gravelly flow and distinctive voice, Keyes got his break in late 1993 as a featured guest on Funkmaster Flex and the Ghetto Celebs' "Six Million Ways to Die".

    Keyes originally recorded under the moniker 9MM (or Nine Double M) before changing his name to simply Nine. He stated, "I didn't want to be just be named after the gun (9mm)."His stage name refers to his date of birth (9/19/1969), his shoe size, and his lucky number.

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  • A Tribe Called Quest - Stressed Out ft. Faith Evans (1996)
    Music video by A Tribe Called Quest performing Stressed Out. (C) 1996 Zomba Recording LLC
  • Concrete Click - Criminal (1995)
    Produced by Dialek
    1995 Lifeline Records
  • Apache - Do Fa Self (1992) | Official Video
    From the album "Apache Ain't S**t" Produced by DJ Mark The 45 King

    Tommy Boy Records, 1992.

    Anthony Peaks (December 26, 1972– January 22, 2010), better known as Apache, was an American rapper.

    Apache emerged from New Jersey in the late 1980s as a front man for the Flavor Unit, a hip-hop group. He first appeared on the Flavor Unit album, The 45 King Presents The Flavor Unit, in 1990. Apart from his individual records, he also featured on the albums of artists such as Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, 2Pac and Fat Joe.

    Apache signed with Tommy Boy/Warner Bros. Records and released his debut album, Apache Ain't S**t (1993), which peaked at number 69 on the Billboard 200 and No. 15 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums. Also featured on the album was the single "G**gsta B*tch," which peaked at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100 and 11 on the Hot Rap Singles. Apache released the single "Do Fa Self" in 1993.

    Apache died on January 22, 2010, at the age of 37. According to fellow Flavor Unit members Ali Ba-Ski and Lakim Shabazz, the cause of death was heart failure due to years of excessive eating and drinking.

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  • Non Phixion - Four W's (1997)
  • C.H.A.O.S. ‎– Death Stalks (1996)
  • Fierce ‎- Crab (Vocal) (1996)
    Fierce (Ferocious Intellect Equaling Rap's Cause and Effect) is a rapper from Newark, NJ.

    A1. Crab (Vocal)
    A2. Crab (Instrumental)
    B1. Come Close (Vocal)
    B2. Come Close (Instrumental)

  • Xross Breed - The Vibe (Produced by Reggie Noble (Redman) Co-Produced by Erick S...
    Produced by Reggie Noble (Redman)
    Co-Produced by Erick Sermon
    Album: VA - Insomnia - The Erick Sermon Compilation Album (1996)
    © Interscope Records
  • Rugged Brood - Look Out (Dirty) 1997
    A1. NonFiction (Dirty)
    A2. NonFiction (Clean)
    A3. NonFiction (Instrumental)
    A4. NonFiction (Accapella)
    B1. Look Out (Dirty)
    B2. Look Out (Clean)
    B3. Look Out (Instrumental)
    B4. Look Out (Accapella)
  • Scritti Politti - Tinseltown To The Boogiedown (Psycho Les Variation) Feat – Lee...
    1.Pete Rock Variation
    2.Pete Rock Instrumental
    3.Ali Shaheed Muahammad Instrumental
    4.Psycho Les Variation
    5.Ali Shaheed Muhammad Variation
    6.Psycho Les Instrumental
  • Thor-El - Patiently (1999) | Official Video
    From the album "Various - The Temple Of HipHop Kulture (Criminal Justice: From Darkness To Light)" Produced by Domingo

    Reprise Records, 1999.

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  • Mysterme & DJ 20/20 - Unsolved Mysterme (1994) | Official

    Gee Street Independent, 1994.

    Pucho (aka Mysterme) grew up in the Bronx of Puerto Rican heritage; his early influences were old-school rap, especially Run DMC. He first met and worked with Lamar (aka DJ 20/20) when they attended South Bronx High School. Mysterme moved to San Francisco after graduation to find a record deal but after Joe Quixx produced his "Unsolved Mysterme" single, he moved back to New York, where DJ 20/20 had already produced some local rap. The duo began recording and were soon signed by Gee Street Records. A remix of "Unsolved Mysterme" was their first single "Let Me Explain" (1994).

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  • 2 Dope - Clown Luv (Prod. by Mike E. Clark) (1994)
    From the 1994 EP release: "Fuck Off!"
  • Duodie - Maintain (199x)
  • Ground Floor - One, Two (1994) | Official Video
    From the single "Dig On That / One, Two" Produced by Ground Floor

    Bandoola Records, 1994.

    Ground Floor were from New England and it was a big deal for them to get with a New York indie label & drop a smash 12″. When the video appeared on BET's "Rap City" we all bugged out. Lord Finesse was also on Bandoola Records so things were really looking up. The song was everywhere and you hear it in cars all over New England. About 3 months later there was no follow up and 6 months later the promised Lord Finesse EP didn't drop either. Soon the Bandoola phone number wasn't even working anymore but "One, Two" lives on.

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  • Screem! - Hot Peas "N" Butter (1994) | Official Video
    From the single "Hot Peas 'N' Butter / Ill Tippy Toe" Produced by J Blood & K Swift

    Homegrown Records, 1994.

    Flatbush, Brooklyn

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  • Naughty by Nature - Mourn You Til I Join You (1997)
    Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about corrections in the comments!

    Originally released October 28, 1997


    [Voice - 2Pac]
    It's gonna be alright, you gotta believe dat
    Dear God times are changing and the weather got hot
    Over the past year a lot of soldiers went pop drop
    So I thank you for my life and all that I got
    I wanna praise you and drop off a message to Pac
    I was sittin' here lookin' at your picture I miss ya
    Puttin' h*** with the w*** wit a mixture of liquor
    We can't kick it you ain't wit us is the thing I can't figure
    Homie I miss ya this thug gonna miss ya til I'm wit cha'
    It was 90 on the P.E. tour when we mashed down
    Don't even seem like 7 years passed
    Both rodies now homies out the hood on the scene
    You did the humpty with D.U. I did the walk wit the queen
    Was a dream smokin and drinkin' through our per diem
    Stealin' backstage passes to hit chicks and coliseums
    Found those to flip up make them lift they hips up
    Get it then get up looking to chicks up and switch up
    Think of all the times that I rolled wit mine
    Male groupies got dissed and got the hell out of dodge
    They was blinded when the good shined through they were on you
    Just know I'm gon' mourn you till I join you
    [Chorus] (×2)
    Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
    I hope you here me now in god we trust
    Even all the prayers can't bring you back to us
    I'll mourn you til I join you cause i'll keep in touch
    We was two lil riders both skinny and broke
    Happy if we scrap pennies for smokes
    Tours over we were out yeah and you called with the news
    You was over in New York to film this movie called Juice
    Called you back up you told me pack up
    Me and you and Stretch could shack up
    The thug luv back up the act up
    Shock, Hakeem and ain't true would call and fuss cause they know we all kicked up dust
    You remember when the cabby said daddy wouldn't pick up our RACE
    You beat his a** then you spit in his face
    I remember on the set from the trailer feens stole your jewels
    And Big Stretch punched him out his shoes
    Back then I was taken stashes quick who holdin'
    That's when every piece of b** I was rolling was stolen
    We would laugh at the jacks over six packs and yacks
    Spit the emos over demos thinkin' ladies and limos
    Youse a wild homie brotha who could never sit still
    Said you wouldn't rest until you seen a mill
    Homie I felt you
    We was back an' forth borough to projects for forts
    Damn I wish they knew how much you loved New York
    Shhh and can't nobody dis my brotha
    Never mind that I miss my brotha
    I'm a mourn you til I join you
    You ain't got to worry about how long I'm gonna mourn ya
    I'm gonna keep your name on the streets
    [Chorus] (×2)
    I'm ya true muggin brotha thug nation alert
    Keep his name on the street til ya lay in the dirt
    This here hurt cause we went from poor to rich
    You're supposed to see a lot more than this
    They brought you up locked you up when you did above the rim
    They let you out you called us up we came as thugs again
    We WOULD HEAR ah-ha rapist they shout
    Ya'll was talkin things that ya'll didn't know a damn thang bout
    You was going through your stress while your enemies laughed
    Ain't never take no shit and 2Pac never took no back
    Forget the press forget the world life goes on when you die
    Forget the court forget the judge and every trick that lied
    A little time ticked by, my lady and I got rocked
    My lady waking me up yelling Treach, Pac got shot
    Soon as I get there I find Afeni urging' me
    Saying convince my baby, don't leave after surgery
    So I'm lookin in her eyes while they walkin me through
    Thinkin Pac hard head what the hell I'ma do
    So we kicked it as they stayed and I asked what you need
    You say a pound for comin partner and a hit of some w****
    So I asked you not to go over and over god knows
    You just smiled and said homie help me get on my clothes
    So we got over that, you healed up got locked
    I dropped case about lights, they had you caged when I stopped
    Yeah the chain remains plus you a part of my link
    They messed up by givin' you too much time to think
    I remember your release and we met up in l.a
    At the billiard getting blazed Henny'd out with the hay
    After that you blew up a made playa platinum plus
    Addicted to drama a soldier with a nation of thugs
    Now we in these savage ages
    Even you yourself predicted that last night in vegas
    I heard gats were brandished, my homie once again damaged
    And a part of this heart right here in Venice
    At the same time you was both loved and feared
    M.O.B. the thuggin' thug of the year
    I'm a mourn you til I join you
    [Chorus] (×2)
    We'll mourn - that's what we'll do
    We'll mourn - till we're with you
  • T.D.K. - Street Life (A World Of Crime Remix) (199X)
  • Spank Pops - Moon (1999)
  • Shills Da Realz - Reality

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  • Karesh, Gifted (Jus Allah), & Kaosm (of Neso) - The Move (Prod. by Stoupe) (...
    From the 1997 Neso maxi single release: "The Move / Mad Coolout / The Balance."
  • WC And The Maad Circle - Ain't A Damn Thang Changed (1991) | Official Video
    From the album "Ain't A Damn Thang Changed" Produced by Crazy Toones

    Priority Records, 1991.

    Minority Alliance of Anti-Discrimination (MAAD Circle). Named and Executive Produced by Ice Cube, childhood/neighborhood friend of the group. From South Central Los Angeles, California. Consisting of brothers WC and DJ Crazy Toones, also Big Gee (South Central LA) and Coolio from Compton. Formed after the split of Low Profile.
    Also associated with the group was Coolio's younger brother P.S. Pookie and OG Los Angeles Rapper, Mad CJ Mac.

    Legendary Hip Hop Producer and DJ Sir Jinx and Lench Mob DJ Chilly Chill were the main producers for the group. With Toones on co-production and cuts, WC and Ice Cube chose some of the samples used on the first album. The album also featured guest appearances by J. Dee of the Lench Mob, MC Eiht of Compton's Most Wanted, and a fictional character named "Granny"-who poses as WC and Crazy Toone's grandmother in skits throughout both albums and DJ Crazy Toones's 1996 mixtape, "That Nigga's Crazy: Presents MAAD Circle Underground".
    On their sophmore release, "Curb Servin", DJ Crazy Toones took most of the production responsibilities.

    Film director F. Gary Gray ("Straight Outta Compton") can be seen acting in MAAD Circle's music video "Dress Code".
    Their music video "Ain't A Damn Thing Changed" features guest appearances by Cypress Hill, Ice Cube, and Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E..

    The group was given homage by Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar on his debut album titled "Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City".

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  • Ultramagnetic MC's Feat. Godfather Don - Raise It Up (1993) | Official Vide...
    From the album "The Four Horsemen" Produced by Godfather Don

    Wild Pitch Records, 1993.

    The Ultramagnetic MCs is an American hip hop group based in Bronx, New York. Founded by Kool Keith, the group also includes Ced Gee, TR Love, and Moe Love. Tim Dog became an unofficial member in 1989. In 1990, DJ Jaycee was added as Roadmanager and backup DJ. Big.D was put down with the crew by Kool Keith in 1989. In 2006 Kool Keith and Big.D formed the supergroup The Commissioner, and in 1999 Big.D and D.J Moe-Love also formed the powerhouse group Slaughterhouse-Cartel. A former member, Rooney Roon, was fired following an assault arrest. Beat-boxing legend Rahzel was also involved with the group early in its career. The group's work was associated with unorthodox sampling, polysyllabic rhymes, and bizarre lyrical imagery.

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  • Brothers GRYM - How Do Ya Do
    Previously unreleased track from the late Too Poetic (aka Grym Reaper of the Gravediggaz) and his brother Brainstorm, from Chopped Herring Records
  • Grand Daddy I.U. - Represent (1994) | Official Video
    From the album "Lead Pipe" Produced by Grand Daddy I.U. & Kay Cee

    Cold Chillin'/Epic Records, 1994.

    Grand Daddy I.U. is an American emcee who was born in Queens, New York, active during the golden age of hip-hop. He states his nom de plume is similar to the pronunciation of his first name, "Ayyub" (ah-yoob).

    Grand Daddy I.U. was raised in Hempstead, Long Island, and was encouraged to begin performing by his brother DJ Kay Cee. He recorded a demo tape and gave it to Biz Markie, who signed him to the label Cold Chillin' Records in 1989. In 1990 he released his debut, Smooth Assassin, which spawned his one and only hit "Something New" (which sampled James & Bobby Purify's only hit—their signature tune "I'm Your Puppet"). He became noted for his high-end sartorial choices, always appearing in public wearing a suit and tie.

    Grand Daddy I.U. appeared as a guest on several hip hop albums in the 1990s, including Big L's Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous and Positive K's The Skills Dat Pay Da Bills.

    Grand Daddy I.U. did ghostwriting and production work for Markie and Roxanne Shanté but became disenchanted with Markie over a dispute involving publishing credits for the tracks on his debut. He released a sophomore effort, Lead Pipe, in 1994, but the album received little promotion, and Grand Daddy I.U. quit emceeing for nearly a decade.

    Grand Daddy I.U. continued to do production work in hip-hop for Das EFX, Heltah Skeltah, KRS-One, and Ice-T, among others. He issued a third album, Stick to the Script, in 2007, featuring production from Large Professor and Marco Polo and appearances from 2Pac, DV Alias Khrist and Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard. In 2017 he reunited with long-time collaborator Pudgee Tha Phat Bastard on the album Still Hear by Long Island emcee Lantz. The pair featured together on 2 songs, "Til The Casket" and "Yesterday".

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  • Prophecy - This Far
  • RZA as Prince Rakeem - Ooh I Love You Rakeem (1991) | Official Video
    From the EP "Ooh I Love You Rakeem" Produced by Prince Rakeem

    Tommy Boy Records, 1991.

    Ooh, I Love You, Rakeem is an EP that Robert Diggs released on Tommy Boy Records in 1991 under the name Prince Rakeem. Diggs is best known as RZA, the primary producer of Wu-Tang Clan.

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  • Ras Kass - The Evil That Men Do (1996)