• S.C.U. (Self Contained Unit) - Harm City (1996)

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    From the vaults of Super Producer Jay Funk . Self Contained Unit S.C.U / a full clip of previously unreleased archived material pressed on vinyl via SIX2SIX Records ® 2012 Lifted from the LP 'Brace Yo Delf' circa 1996 1997


    from HARM CITY 12" EP, track released April 30, 2012 
    SIX2SIX RECORDS ®© 2012
  • U-God & Hell Razah - Pleasure & Pain (Prod. by Hak Da Navigator) (1999)
    From the 1999 album release: "Golden Arms Redemption."
  • Naughty By Nature - Uptown Anthem (Official Music Video)
    Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about corrections in the comments!

    Hey, you could smoke a spliff with a cliff
    But there's still no mountain high enough, or wide enough to touch
    The naughty nappy nasty nigga the nasty trashy hoe happy pappy
    That's Happi to be Nappi
    Me and Vin rock when spots hit flocks
    And groups and troops with Timbo boots and jail suits
    That's how I'm rollin my hair-do don't
    Win I will I got wanting competition ain't dope
    Beat ya break ya broke ya smoke ya take ya
    Send you to your little group on mute, sooner or later
    When want to flip, tell em full semi half with a dip
    And all that other Ringling Brothers shit
    Sporty naughty hi bye greater than nature while I
    Shin slam the film filmg and then jam
    You can run but you can't hide, you can't go far
    No matter where you go, there you are
    We gonna break, we gonna bash
    We gonna roll, we gonna smash
    We gonna break, we gonna bash
    We gonna roll, we gonna smash
    Here we go yo
    Hit a nigga kill a nigga will come back
    See a sucker stretch a sucker guard your naps
    Cussing wasn't nothing til a black man rapped
    See a forty suck a forty guess who's back
    You're chilling with a Teddy filling villain
    Stepping to the puny puddy punks catching fillings
    I hit so many guts, call me gutter, I'm the bread and butter
    Punk motherfucker I'll cut up, working from the gut up
    Brand new steady, heavy as a Chevy
    Ready for the piddy peddy, I'm Friddie Freddie
    Place your bet on a vet, the three man threat
    What you see is what you get
    We gonna break, we gonna bash
    We gonna roll, we gonna smash
    We gonna break, we gonna bash
    We gonna roll, we gonna smash
    Coming round your corner with my uptown bunch
    I bet your bottom dollar that you're bottom buck chumps
    Give it up, it's a juice thing I'm stepping for the rep and
    Wrecking all the rest and, weapon testing on who's stepping
    Ain't no bluff for the niggy 'nough, for the rugged ruff stuff
    Nigga if you're tough knuckle up
    I'll cut your ass like class, then blast you by the trash
    After I laugh then I'll dash
    You can't handle the scandal of an uptown vandal
    Shooting up your toes making sandals
    Somebody told me that you owe me, but can't nobody hold me
    I do my dirt all by my lonely
    We gonna break, we gonna bash
    We gonna roll, we gonna smash
    We gonna break, we gonna bash
    We gonna roll, we gonna smash

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    Tommy Boy Entertainment is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic label founded in NYC in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable Hip Hop legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.

    #HipHop #Classic #GoldenEra
  • Nine ft. ARL Da Xrsis - Piece Of The Pie
  • Nine ft. 3rd Eye, D. Large & Omar Sosa - Darkness

    Intrepid Stylez - Junior Criminalz 1996-1997 EP

    A1 Massacre Pt. 1
    A2 Junior Criminalz
    A3 For Instance
    A4 Da Outcome

    B1 How De Hell feat Sample King
    B2 Kasualities
    B3 Streetz No Joke

    All songs written by Intrepid Stylez for I.S.R. Productions.
    All songs produced by D.J Kama for I.S.R. Productions.
    Vocals Recorded By Sheldon Sampson (R.I.P) & Erik Krallisch.
    Executive Producer Richard Bonner for I.S.R. Productions.
    © 1997 I.S.R. Productions

    £19.99 + shipping

    There will be 350 copies pressed ONLY.

    This first 120 copies will be on Yellow & Clear Blue mixed colour vinyl.
    And the remaining 230 are on traditional black vinyl

    CD Comin Soon on
  • Dynamic Equilibrium | Age of Enlightenment feat. ScienZe (2014)

    Post Crack Era on iTunes:

    Directed by: Genmotion

    Dynamic Eq's Social Media:

    ScienZe Social Media
  • Raw Breed - Ghetto (1997)

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  • Outfit On Da Rise - My Clicks Hot (1998)
  • Ill Source - Da Reign (199x)
  • Nas & Nature- In Too Deep (Lyric Video) (1999)
  • The Tommy Boy Story Vol. 1: Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force - Renega...
    Indie powerhouse Tommy Boy Music was born in Tom Silverman's NYC apartment in 1981 when the entrepreneurial trade mag publisher began releasing the best of the demos crossing his path. He struck gold with the label's revolutionary debut, Afrika Bambaataa & The Soul Sonic Force's Planet Rock. One of the only 12" singles ever to sell 600,000+ copies. Tommy Boy and its stable of stars led the way as the first wave of hip-hop's artistic translation of urban street culture became a mass-appeal phenomenon. With repeated high-charting crossover success, Tommy Boy earned almost 80 gold and platinum citations, and the label's groundbreaking grooves are essential pillars of hip-hop, as evidenced in this new collection of many of their greatest early tracks.

    Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about correction in the comments!

    No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now
    No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now

    Renegades of this atomic age
    This atomic age for renegades
    Renegades of this atomic age
    This atomic age for renegades

    [Verse 1]
    Prehistoric ages and the days of ancient Greece
    On down through the Middle Ages
    When the earth kept going through changes
    There's a business going on, cars continue to change
    Nothing stays the same, there were always renegades
    Like Chief Sitting Bull, Tom Paine
    Like Martin Luther King, Malcom X
    They were renegades of their time and age
    So many renegades

    Hand clap, hand clap, the renegades

    [Verse 2]
    From a different solar system many many galaxies away
    We are the force of another creation
    A new musical revelation
    And we're on this musical message to help the others listen
    Improve momentum and seek the electonic chance
    Like astrology
    Like technology
    Like God's Creation
    Like the Zulu station
    Like to the nation
    Like destroy all nations
    Like militants
    Like down in sand
    Like through changes ,nothing stays the same
    Oh renegades

    [Verse 3]
    Now renegades are people with their own philosophy
    They change the course of history
    Everyday people like you and me
    You know they have their secret notions
    And time is endless motion
    All people of the moderate ages here in this twentieth century
    You have to keep up in time with the moderate time
    A state of mind and a sense of pride
    A renegade, yes a renegade
    Of this time and age
    So many renegades

    Who's that
    Now hand clap
    The renegades

    [Verse 4]
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    Poppin', sockin', rockin' with a side of hip-hop
    Because where we're goin' there ain't no stoppin'
    You know we're poppin', sockin', with a side of hip-hop
    Because where we're goin' there ain't no stoppin'
    Poppin', sockin', rockin' with a side of hip-hop
    Because where we're goin' there ain't no stoppin'

    [Verse 5]
    We're teachers of the funk
    And not of empty popping
    We're blessed with the Force and the sight of
    With the bass, and the treble
    The horns and our vocals
    You know everytime we pop into the beat we get fresh

    [Verse 6]
    There was a time when our music
    Was something called the Bay Street beat
    People would gather from all around
    To get down on the Bay sound
    You had to be a renegade those days
    To take a man on the dance floor
    Like Afrika Bambattaa and the Soulsonic Force
    We're talking about Mr. B, Pow Wow, G-L-O-B-E
    Was a renegade, yes, a renegade of the atomic age
    So many renegades
    What's that
    It's a hand clap
    The renegade

    Just jam sucker
    Say jam sucker
    Say groove, sucker
    Say groove, sucker
    Say dance, sucker
    Say dance, sucker
    Now move, sucker
    Now move, sucker

    Everybody say
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk
    We're the renegades of funk

    Shake that thing
    That makes me swing
    I got some great
    He's a renegade of funk
    Mr. Biggs
    He's a renegade of funk
    He's a renegade of funk
    Pow Wow
    He's a renegade of funk
    And MC Globe
  • Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves - One Shot Kill (Official Music Video)
    Preorder 'Big Bad Death' by Mestizo and The Heavy Twelves now:

    The esteemed underground rapper Mestizo has teamed up with The Heavy Twelves, a Los Angeles based electro-psych-beat duo formed by Egadz. 'Big Bad Death' is releasing on Fake Four Inc. on August 24th as an ultra rare 12" picture disc vinyl with vinyl-only instrumentals on side B.

    Mestizo shines brightest in the shadows. His webs of words - woven with otherworldly precision - writhe with hardship's wisdom and power in triumph. The nomadic veteran of the underground, though modest, has a bountiful history of influence in art and prolificity in its creation. With his psychic osmosis of the many cultures and experiences in which he had thrived, Mestizo has proven himself an honest and unique interpreter of the world in which we live.

    At the helm of Big Bad Death's production, The Heavy Twelves include a wide array of synthesized sounds and prominent percussion with intricately recorded drum patterns. They obsess over pushing and pulling, and turning and tuning knobs until each and every sound conforms to the aesthetic. The music is full of heavy synth bass, catchy melodies, and interesting noise, but always sounds like a train that could run off the tracks at any second...and in certain ways, it always does.

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  • Brand Nubian - Hold On (Official Music Video) (1994)
    Download/Stream -

    Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about corrections in the comments!


    I'll keep, holding on
    I'll keep, holding on!

    [Lord Jamar]
    Young black male, twenty-five years of age
    Many-a-lives didn't survive to this stage
    Cause the rage of another brother got him popped
    Shot him and he dropped, like a beanbag
    Mean motherfucker with a rag and some jeans that sag
    They signify your death by crossin out your tag
    Then they go and brag that they took another life
    Never to think, do a brother got a mother and a wife?
    Trife when a nigga do the work of the Klan
    That's what you're doin when you ruin the life of a black man
    Attack plan on self
    The man's got the family jewels, so I guess we're buryin wealth
    All because we've been taught to despise what's black
    Open your eyes you oughta realize the fact
    That you've been gettin used like a trick
    You think you're mighty, but yo, whitey got your head sick
    See you were fed thick pieces of swine as a baby
    It only help to drive your mind crazy
    Now your blind days be over
    No more standin on line, tryin to find Jehovah
    Let us rewind to a time we was right and just
    Nowadays we just fight and bust
    One another in the back over crack, a carjack
    Will get you killed, watch the blood get spilled
    To the scale, then watch how fast they build the jail
    Now they got you holdin on to a cell, well...

    I'll keep, holdin on
    I'll keep, holdin on!!
    I'll keep, holdin on
    I'll keep, holdin on!!

    [Sadat X]
    Why it gotta be me B? I just came to chill
    Came to see the flicks, nuttin more nuttin less
    Try to show love even on a bad day
    I roll up, I'm never hold up, the L is swoll up
    The beef in the mind is definitely a winner
    Oh that's that rappin nigga, I thought he was much bigger
    Do you know this girl named nah B I don't know nothin
    Did that name-game shit right from the go get
    Shorty want an autograph, can I sign it at the end
    Oh I think I'm all of that now, so now it's fuck Brand Nubian
    Should I call you a bitch, or should I maintain?
    I'm just here with my lady, and you came witcha man
    This would force him to front, and I'm sure he don't want it
    Over some old bullshit, when I'm quick to pull shit
    Live dad, everything is everything
    I got a lotta shit to do I can't afford to catch a charge
    I'm a product of the streets, and I couldn't make no peace
    All the real hard shit I know, is on the down low
    Straight for real estate, on a scale I place your fate
    Now I'mma let you skate, you was a little weeded
    And I seen you don't need it
    So hold on with your bad self...

    I'll keep, holdin on
    I'll keep, holdin on!!
    I gotta hold on!
    I'll keep, holdin on
    My word is bond, I gotta be strong
    I'll keep, holdin on!!
    And keep holdin on, yeah
    Ya see life's gettin rough but I gotta hold on
    All these little suckers want me alone
    Yeah, yeah, yeahhh!!
    Ya see life's gettin rough but I gotta hold on
    All these little suckers want me alone
    Yeah, they want me alone
    Yeah, yeah yeah
    But I gotta hold on
    Because my word is bond
    And it's on and on, on and on, on and on
    On ya...
    I gotta hold on
    Yeah yeah yeahhhh yeah yeahhh yeahhh
    Ohhhhh yeahh yeahh yeah

  • Artifacts - Art of Facts (Exclusive Video) That's Them 20th Anniversary Edi...
    20th August 2018! Order here Artifacts - That's Them 20th Anniversary Edition:
  • D 2 Tha S (Dedicated 2 Tha Streets) - Sound Of Revolution (1993)
    1993 Deep Dish Records
  • Oriental Boom Bap Beat // 90s Hip Hop Instrumental (Memories // Prod. illthought...
    Featuring: Mikkel Bang

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  • B-Flatt - Back To Basics 2xLP 'Snippets' (Mixed by DJ Grazzhoppa) [Bac...
    Snippets of the 21st release from Belgium based label 'Back2DaSource Records'!"

    B-Flatt - Back To Basics (2xLP) ['96/2018]
    Produced by Noiseman
    Ltd. edition 300 black vinyl copies.
    Preorder link: https://back2dasourcerecords.bigcarte...

    Words from Bee Lapointe:
    Sup y'all ?! We are proud to announce that B Flatt - Back To Basics Album (1996) is finally available on wax !!! 16 tracks 2xLP album, comes with printed innersleeves. We also added an unreleased track to it that only appeared on a very rare promo cd from back then, analog remastering by Noiseman for the best audio experience. DOPE Boom Bap Album from Cali. Jazzy & Soulful productions by Noiseman. DOPE lyrics & flow by B-Flatt, the perfect blend, A REAL MUST HAVE !

    IMPORTANT : When you cop this release as pre order you enter the contest automatically and thus this gives you the chance to win many great prizes check below for more informations !!!

    A1 MC's MC's MC's
    A2 Back To Basics
    A3 Now The Purpose
    A4 Much Respect

    B1 Like This Like That
    B2 What Can U Dooo?
    B3 Best Of Success
    B4 Type Of Place To Raise Kids

    C1 Niggas Know I Drop
    C2 Mind State
    C3 To The Beat Y'All
    C4 Crushed By Your Dreams

    D1 One Fo The Money
    D2 Gonna Miss Me
    D3 Words Untold
    D4 All The Time Sunshine (Previously unreleased)

    Lyrics by B-Flatt
    Beats & Mastering by Noiseman
    Main Design layout by Noiseman
    Mock Up and final design layout work by Pascal Ross-Marquette

    Estimated release date : 8/8/2018

    DJ Grazzhoppa links:

    Back2DaSource Soundcloud:

    Discogs page:

    Owner of Back2DaSource Records: Bee Lapointe aka RealHipHopLover777
  • Penuckle - Aztec Love (2001)
  • Hydrogenii***Non + ULTRA ft. DR Funk & Moritz Manuel) [POSTPARTUM.]
    Next Heap Of Sequences》POSTPARTUM.
  • Planet Asia "Money All Day" feat. Supreme Cerebral (Official)
    Titled “Money All Day,” the visual features fellow rapper Supreme Cerebral and plays off the project’s concept and album title, which revolves around the late emperor 'Mansa Musa'. The 14-century African ruler is believed to be the richest man who ever lived.

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    Please Subscribe to our channel for the latest Cleopatra Records releases @cleopatra-recs (C) 2018 Cleopatra Records, Inc.. All rights reserved. Unauthorized reproduction is a violation of applicable laws


    #Cleopatrarecords #PlanetAsia #HipHop #XRayRecords #Rap
  • Stetsasonic - Talkin' All That Jazz (Dimitri from Paris Mix) [Music Video]
    Download/Stream -

    Dimitri from Paris brings this classic, jazzy house mix. A classic.

    Enjoy the lyrics. Let us know about any corrections in the comments!


    Well here's how it started
    Heard you on the radio
    Talkin' 'bout rap
    Sayin' all that crap about how we sample
    Given examples
    Think we'll let you get away with that?
    You critizie our method of how we make records
    you said it wasn't art, so now we're gonna rip you apart
    Stop, check it out my man
    This is the music of a hip-hop band
    Jazz, well you can call it that
    But this jazz retains a new format
    Point, where you misjudged us
    Speculated, created a fuss
    You've made the same mistake politicians have
    Talkin' all that jazz
    Talk, well I heard talk is cheap
    But like beauty, talk is just skin deep
    And when you lie and you talk a lot
    People tell you to step off a lot
    You see, you misunderstood
    A sample is a tactic
    A portion of my method, a tool
    In fact it's only of importance when I make it a priority
    And what we sample of, is the majority
    But you are a minority, in terms of thought
    Narrow minded and poorly taught
    About hip-hop, playin' all the silly games
    You erase my music, so no one can use it
    Step on us and we'll step on you
    Can't have your cake and eat it too
    Talkin' all that jazz
    Lies, that's when you hide the truth
    It's when you talk more jazz than proof
    And when you lie and address something you don't know
    It's so whack that it's bound to show
    When you lie about me and the band we get angry
    We'll bite our pen, start writin' again
    And the things we write are always true
    Suckers, get a grip, now we talkin' 'bout you
    Seems to me that you have a problem
    So we can see what we can do to solve them
    Think rap is a fad? you must be mad
    'Cause we're so bad we get respect you never had
    Tell the truth, James Brown was old
    'Til Eric and Rakim came out with "I Got Soul"
    Rap brings back old R&B
    And if we would not, people could've forgot
    We wanna make this perfectly clear
    We're talented and strong and have no fear
    Of those who choose to judge but lack pizazz
    Talkin' all that jazz
    Now we're not tryin' to be a boss to you
    We just wanna get across to you
    That if you're talkin' jazz, the situation is a no-win
    You might even get hurt, my friend
    Stetsasonic, the hip-hop band
    Like Sly and the Family Stone, we will stand
    Up for the music we live and play
    And for the song we sing today
    For now, let us set the record straight
    And later on we'll have an informal and a formal debate
    But it's important you remember, though
    What you reap is what you sew
    Talkin' all that jazz
    Talkin' all that jazz
    Talkin' all that jazz
  • MC Ren - I Don't Give A Damn (Prod. by Dr. Jam & Madness 4 Real) (1996)
    From the 1996 album release: "The Villain In Black."
    Another unreleased gem from the legendary Boston crew!
    Check out this Boston dopeness. I truly wish Heavy Jewelz Records can release this someday like we planned before we got jacked by scam artists. Much respect to Osamah and Ripshop!

    This is just one of many dope joints on this demo tape.
  • The Dynospectrum - Anything Is Everything (Official Video)
    Buy "The Dynospectrum" 20th Anniversary Remastered 3xLP Vinyl Now:
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    Rhymesayers Entertainment celebrates the 20th anniversary of The Dynospectrum by finally releasing the full-length album on vinyl, for the first time ever!

    We dug through the basement archives and unearthed the original reel-to-reel recordings. After blowing off the dust, we transferred the audio and sent it back to mixing, making sure that every eerie note and skull-snapping snare sounded crisp before it was fully remastered, truly bringing the darkness to light.

    For those unaware, The Dynospectrum is a long-standing fan favorite in the RSE discography. The short-lived supergroup was comprised of MC's Slug (Atmosphere), Musab, I Self Devine (Micranots) and Mr. Gene Poole, and it was produced entirely by Ant.

    This 20th anniversary edition includes 3xLP vinyl pressed on black & cream side A/B effect records, with an illustrated 8-panel accordion fold-out poster, all housed in a gatefold jacket with original artwork re-touched by the brilliant visual artist Aaron Horkey.

    This special release also includes three previously unreleased bonus tracks recorded during the original studio sessions, plus a free digital download card that also includes the album instrumentals (also made available here for the first time ever!)

    The Dynospectrum 20th anniversary vinyl is available now!

    For more info on The Dynospectrum:

    Video Credits –
    Directed by Wasaru

    Song Credits –
    Written by: Slug, Musab, I Self Devine and Mr. Gene Poole
    Produced by: Ant
  • Sham & The Professor 10'' + The Speedknotz 12" (NY Bundle,98 ...
    Pre Order the bundle here : https://back2dasourcerecords.bigcarte...

    Pre Order The Speedknotz 12" alone : https://back2dasourcerecords.bigcarte...

    Pre Order Sham & The Professor 10" alone : https://back2dasourcerecords.bigcarte...


    The Speedknotz - Remember Me EP (pre order) :

    Sup y'all?! We back with another mad bomb from New York with The Speedknotz !!! Hard to find record from 98, Remember EP is a classic indie 12" ILL tracks from start to finish, back to the 12" with instrumentals versions on it as the original 12". This release contains 9 tracks, including a bonus unreleased track from 1999 !!!

    Dont miss this gem !!

    A Side

    Jealousy & Envy
    Jealousy & Envy (Instrumental)
    Knotz Landing
    Knotz Landing (Instrumental)

    B Side

    The Zone
    The Zone(Instrumental)
    Remember Me
    Remember Me (Instrumental)
    No Retreat (Unreleased 1999)

    Release date : Mid June 2018

    Artworks by Peter Nitras
    Mastering by Dé L'Archiviste
    Sham & The Professor - The Warrior EP (Pre Order)

    Sup y'all ?! Here' another DOPE drop from the Source with Sham & The Professor - The Warrior EP, consisting of 3 unreleased tracks. Those ill tracks were secretly kept hidden by Sham and The Professor for years and those are their only 90s unreleased track we thought it was time to put it on wax for the Hip Hop sake . If you liked Split Personalities LP, you gonna dig this ! RIP Brotha Scratch

    A Side

    A1 : Warriors Anthem

    B Side

    B1 Drop Zone

    B2 Warriors Party

    Mastering by Dé L'Archiviste (from L'Archiviste Records)
    Design lay out by Peter Nitras
    Handstyle titles and graffiti : Piet Pado Aka Nerco Black

    Release date : Mid June 2018

    Peace. One Love
  • Unanimous - Freshest On The Mic (Remix) (1996)