• A.D. - N.Y.C. (1995)
    1995 U.N.I.T.Y Records
  • Reservoir Doggs - Back To Berth (Producer - Buckwild) (1996)
  • Punk Barbarians - The Struggle Ft. Donald Byrd (1996)
    1996 Lethal Records
  • Prince Paul - The Men in Blue
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    [Intro: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski (Sample)]
    (Give me some time to blow the men down)
    You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be twisted around and used against you in the court of law. I'll make damn fuckin' sure of it! You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, which you probably can't, one will be provided for you, you stupid, freakin', moulignan bastard!

    [Verse 1: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski]
    It's the bad lieutenant, runnin up in your tenement
    Plantin' evidence on any black resident
    New York's largest crew, it's the Men in Blue
    We stick together like glue and make lies come true
    My name's Officer O'Maley, I shoot you in the alley
    And burn you like a cross at a fuckin' Klan rally
    I got spics sellin' nicks in the L.E.S
    I stay untouchable like my name's Eliot Ness
    New York's finest, with my bulletproof vest
    I confiscate the chronic, I let you keep the stress
    That is unless you wanna try and test
    I'm D.T. undercover, I lock up your mother
    You're just another brother, you ain't a mafia don
    Who the fuck's payroll do you think that I'm on?

    [Hook: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski]
    The Police Department is like a crew
    It does whatever it wants to do
    The Police Department, we're like a crew
    We do whatever we want to do!
    The Police Department, it's like a crew
    It does whatever it wants to do
    The Police Department, it's like a crew
    It does whatever it wants to do!

    [Verse 2: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski]
    You know this ain't Serpico and you ain't Al P
    I got it locked from Hunter's Point in the Square of Albee
    From the Bronx to Queens to Brooklyn to Staten
    We're the most organized criminals in Manhattan
    When we come, we swarm in full uniform
    When the blue lights flash, start runnin' your cash
    It goes back to the days of Al Capone and Frank Nitti
    Illegal business controls the city
    Oh, what a pity, if your attitudes shitty
    Fuck my money up, kid, and you'll be doin' this bid
    If you spill what I did, I'll put a pill in your lid
    Or get you bustin like a cherry waitin' in the comissery

    [Interlude: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski]
    Ahh, what's this? Crack? Is that a gun?
    You stupid moulie fuck!
    You're gonna be doin' some real time, son!

    [Hook: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski]
    The Police Department is like a crew
    It does whatever it wants to do!
    The Police Department, we're like a crew
    We do whatever we want to do!

    [Verse 3: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski]
    I raid stairways in the PJs just for thrills
    And pull triggers on niggers that won't hurt the crills
    It's brought up to paper, punk, that's the caper
    If we make this connection, I'll give you protection
    And this year, the mayor's up for reelection
    So rat out all the competition in your section
    And the next day, there'll be a drug sweep around your way
    So let your crew know, it's time to stay low
    Keep up in the dough and you get the info
    On what's goin down and we can run this town
    Straight into the ground, while we rise to the top
    There ain't no such thing as a dirty cop
    Cause I plant what I want on any crime scene
    I keep my hands clean, you know what I mean?

    [Hook: Everlast/Officer O'Maley Bitchkowski (Sample)]
    The Police Department is like a crew
    It does whatever it wants to do
    The Police Department, we're like a crew
    We do whatever we want to do!
    The Police Department, it's like a crew
    It does whatever it wants to do
    The Police Department, it's like a crew
    (Blow the men down!) [*gunshot*]
  • The Nonce - Who Falls Apart? (1998)
  • D.J. Baby J & E. Rock Cometh - Tales From The Lite Side (198X)
  • Naughty By Nature - Mourn You Till I Join You (1997)
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    Originally released October 28, 1997


    [Voice - 2Pac]
    It's gonna be alright, you gotta believe dat
    Dear God times are changing and the weather got hot
    Over the past year a lot of soldiers went pop drop
    So I thank you for my life and all that I got
    I wanna praise you and drop off a message to Pac
    I was sittin' here lookin' at your picture I miss ya
    Puttin' h*** with the w*** wit a mixture of liquor
    We can't kick it you ain't wit us is the thing I can't figure
    Homie I miss ya this thug gonna miss ya til I'm wit cha'
    It was 90 on the P.E. tour when we mashed down
    Don't even seem like 7 years passed
    Both rodies now homies out the hood on the scene
    You did the humpty with D.U. I did the walk wit the queen
    Was a dream smokin and drinkin' through our per diem
    Stealin' backstage passes to hit chicks and coliseums
    Found those to flip up make them lift they hips up
    Get it then get up looking to chicks up and switch up
    Think of all the times that I rolled wit mine
    Male groupies got dissed and got the hell out of dodge
    They was blinded when the good shined through they were on you
    Just know I'm gon' mourn you till I join you
    [Chorus] (×2)
    Ashes to ashes and dust to dust
    I hope you here me now in god we trust
    Even all the prayers can't bring you back to us
    I'll mourn you til I join you cause i'll keep in touch
    We was two lil riders both skinny and broke
    Happy if we scrap pennies for smokes
    Tours over we were out yeah and you called with the news
    You was over in New York to film this movie called Juice
    Called you back up you told me pack up
    Me and you and Stretch could shack up
    The thug luv back up the act up
    Shock, Hakeem and ain't true would call and fuss cause they know we all kicked up dust
    You remember when the cabby said daddy wouldn't pick up our RACE
    You beat his a** then you spit in his face
    I remember on the set from the trailer feens stole your jewels
    And Big Stretch punched him out his shoes
    Back then I was taken stashes quick who holdin'
    That's when every piece of b** I was rolling was stolen
    We would laugh at the jacks over six packs and yacks
    Spit the emos over demos thinkin' ladies and limos
    Youse a wild homie brotha who could never sit still
    Said you wouldn't rest until you seen a mill
    Homie I felt you
    We was back an' forth borough to projects for forts
    Damn I wish they knew how much you loved New York
    Shhh and can't nobody dis my brotha
    Never mind that I miss my brotha
    I'm a mourn you til I join you
    You ain't got to worry about how long I'm gonna mourn ya
    I'm gonna keep your name on the streets
    [Chorus] (×2)
    I'm ya true muggin brotha thug nation alert
    Keep his name on the street til ya lay in the dirt
    This here hurt cause we went from poor to rich
    You're supposed to see a lot more than this
    They brought you up locked you up when you did above the rim
    They let you out you called us up we came as thugs again
    We WOULD HEAR ah-ha rapist they shout
    Ya'll was talkin things that ya'll didn't know a damn thang bout
    You was going through your stress while your enemies laughed
    Ain't never take no shit and 2Pac never took no back
    Forget the press forget the world life goes on when you die
    Forget the court forget the judge and every trick that lied
    A little time ticked by, my lady and I got rocked
    My lady waking me up yelling Treach, Pac got shot
    Soon as I get there I find Afeni urging' me
    Saying convince my baby, don't leave after surgery
    So I'm lookin in her eyes while they walkin me through
    Thinkin Pac hard head what the hell I'ma do
    So we kicked it as they stayed and I asked what you need
    You say a pound for comin partner and a hit of some w****
    So I asked you not to go over and over god knows
    You just smiled and said homie help me get on my clothes
    So we got over that, you healed up got locked
    I dropped case about lights, they had you caged when I stopped
    Yeah the chain remains plus you a part of my link
    They messed up by givin' you too much time to think
    I remember your release and we met up in l.a
    At the billiard getting blazed Henny'd out with the hay
    After that you blew up a made playa platinum plus
    Addicted to drama a soldier with a nation of thugs
    Now we in these savage ages
    Even you yourself predicted that last night in vegas
    I heard gats were brandished, my homie once again damaged
    And a part of this heart right here in Venice
    At the same time you was both loved and feared
    M.O.B. the thuggin' thug of the year
    I'm a mourn you til I join you
    [Chorus] (×2)
    We'll mourn - that's what we'll do
    We'll mourn - till we're with you
  • Nomad - NOMAD (Prod. by Baby Grand) (1996)
    From the 1996 maxi single release: "Nomad Sampler."
  • Da Nayborhoodz - Only Da Strong Survive (1995)
    1995 React Recordings
  • Kwest The Madd Lad - 101 Things To Do While I'm With Your Girl (1996) | Off...
    From the album "This Is My First Album" Produced by Dan Charnas

    American Recordings, 1996.

    The highest profile rapper on Rick Rubin's American Recordings label, Queens, New York based Kwest made a stir at the New Music Seminar in the early 90's and eventually delivered a hugely entertaining album of stories and quality battle rhymes. He obviously had a lot of trouble with the industry as he had a further album ready to go in 96 but has had barely anything released since then.

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  • Capone-N-Noreaga - Live On Live Long (1997)
    Doin' it up everyday son. Word up. Still on. C.N.N. still live on what.
    C.N.N. live long. Live on word up. Check it. Dedicated knowhatI'msayin'?

    Yo Pone I know you left and goin up creek soon
    You know my address God write me letters keep me in tune
    I still remember when we first met
    Yo it was up north I had the Iraq flag your comrad
    With do bad yo Arab damn dun how you get caught?
    Sometimes I look back and think that the shit is my fault
    Cause it was me God body had to dead that pork
    I went after him and clapped him up after we faught
    Then the beef got deeper than what the clique thought
    Peep the bucket head leather walley head thoroughbred
    Doin' this with two shorties sleepin' in the same bed
    So what up Pone nigga I can't zone
    Without you think about you
    Up at night without my airlight
    Shine like broad day light to pay price

    So if ya heart stop beatin' I'll go back in time
    Make your heart beat again real niggas till the end
    We try to succeed nigga smoke weed
    Contemplated dedicated
    To real niggas that could relate it [x2]
    (C.N.N.) C.N.N. say it loud yo
    (C.N.N.) C.N.N. say it proud yo [x2]

    Peep the second part ya'll
    You like the brain I'm like the heart
    Yo from day one start you on walley clark
    Inside the park I told you Q.B.L.F.C. combine heavenly
    We formulateed this escalate just like a heavy key
    Enough niggas slam down summers and winters bust a full court press
    Our defence apply the best
    Rock the A.V.X. cock pit cover my chest
    Yo they bag Palm, L.Murder everybody
    Doe Boy, Real Ral, Nitty and Montey
    Lebannon, Little Worm dun, Little Jamal yo remain calm
    I know you blood dun but we can warm
    Yo collide God niggas here tie hard like bye God
    Plus release now my clique form like the teeth now
    Kill beef now make you dead like sea snail
    We Averex down to our fuckin' feet
    Now jakes snatch my nigga Frank up off the streets
    Now Votos Locos my niggas loco for dolos
    Light trees up yo in the future fuck with these up
    You keep my tees up I K-Tone always squeeze up

    This goes out to all my niggas locked up right now


    Yo for all my people locked up I got rock chopped up
    Hold the block up until you pop up
    The banks stopped up

    I don't want no more to drink man.

    Yo I was raised around planets and stars
    Jail bars my vernacular repotoire
    Lust double cars
    Why it seems like everyone still ends up in Green Right
    By all means right you get lock it really seem like
    Some get hit turn blood and some quit
    Yo guerilla vice grip
    Latin Kings ice pick
    God's reppin' with muslums keep Islam safe
    What's your fate yo?
    What do you believe what do you know?
    Slow it down so reap what you sew

  • Capone-N-Noreaga - Bloody Money (1997)
    New York get the Bloody Money, dirty cash
    Live niggas who smoke weed, car seat stash
    You monkey walk, I'm hunchback, sneak quiet
    Talk about me gossip, scared to death when I pop up

    I'm fouler than gats that don't bust when they supposed to
    Been around you, play close, but wasn't close to you
    The setup was weak, you coming
    I saw you cuttin' corners, snake-type shit
    Tie you up, seal your lip, wrist bleeding
    Cowboy rope, choke your throat
    Put the bogey out in your face
    Now your face laced like ash tray face
    Stay with gat on my waist
    Give the god some space, shoot you up above waist
    If I ain't got beef right here or right there
    Ice-grill stare, shoulda set it off right it off right there
    CNN war report, spread across New York
    Guard him Indian style - knees bent, militant
    Yo the world know Noreaga from Iraq
    Beef with me serious, keep it real, that's that
    Get stabbed in your back, my man Alley Cat
    Little cousin from Jamaica, brown-skin thug
    Thug blood, yo we stuck in the game like it's a drug
    My pops was a thug nigga, was on the streets too
    Uncle Wise been banned since '82
    Back on the streets, A hundred seven got brew
    I see you, come see you, writing scrolls(writing scrolls)
    To the rest of the fam, locked in holes
    At age eight, money come first, snatch purse
    Go to church, yo that's not me, mami I'm cursed
    Iblis glamorous, diabolic, devilish, this game real, realer than you think
    Just think, spots get rushed, knots get touched, police busts
    Yo what happened? Police kicked door, yo he was rappin'
    Your wife - what what! What what! Dressed indecent
    A hundred crackers, son it's the one-ten precinct


    Yo time zone, cabron, madicon
    Bitches callin me up, tryin to set me up
    Like Amina and Gina, kid they from Medina
    Emanuel, keep fish scale to sell
    General - clique deep with cartel
    When niggas get locked, who you think they call for bail?
    Shorty legs mad smooth, son, I'm left struck
    Pussy plus dick could only equal a fuck
    Fatty bangin', she analyze, my chain hangin'
    We waitin, conversatin', Iblis Satan
    Illegal life, watch police on bikes
    Life still in shame, they monkey wrenched the whole game
    A stress day, police watch the twelve "K"
    While I smoked shorty sipped chardonnay
    I lay - lay back, cognac
    And I dont even drink like that, I sell crack
    Yo my ices gleam, type mean, sell to fiends
    Shoot guns, parallel
    Pistal (pistol), bust well
    Kid whatever, desert storm like bad weather
    Clique together, keep gats under the leather
    You lightweight, what? I'm heavyweight hold weight
    Yo it's jail niggas comin' home taking a shit
    Yo illegal business, them niggas got dealt wit
    Got smoked
    God body cat, he sniff coke
    Yo he's old time, thinkin 'bout drinkin' his wine
    Regulatin' 9-9, get my crew out, survive shootout
    Tactics, keep gats under the mattress
    Player hater - my team a bunch of regulator
    Set you up, you wont make it to the elevator
    You never been to jail, I'm jail seen
    Niggas seen, me in jail since thirteen
    Shooting up scenes
    Real niggas take cream

    [Chorus x2]
  • L.V. - Throw Your Hands Up (feat. Treach) [Music Video]
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    Lyrics: ****

    It's 12 o' clock, we're having a barbecue
    My crew CAD they are gonna be there and ladies I wanna see you
    We'll be doing it in the park
    On this sunny summer day
    ??? play a hay
    Cause I keeps it real
    [Hook] [x2]
    Throw your hands up
    If you wanna be down
    So come one (hay)
    And come all (ho)
    Cause our adidas keeping it real so say yes ya'll
    Not everything is everything my people (just cool it)
    Bro slapping dominoes
    No busting caps just bumping to this funky song
    Letting the beat ba-bump
    Ain't no use trippin', bloodin' or crippin'
    You can keep it real with LV
    [Hook] [x2]
    Cause our adidas keeping it real so say yes ya'll
    [Hook] [x2]
    Cause our adidas keeping it real so say yes ya'll
  • IV-V-VI - Samurai Showdown (1999)
  • Magical Sōl Brothas - Tha Boom Song (1996)
  • Teflon Feat. La Shonda Middleton - Get Mine (1997) | Official Video
    From the album "My Will" Produced by Nesto

    Relativity Records, 1997.

    Teflon (born Linwood Starling) is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. A protege of hip-hop legend DJ Premier he is most famous for his collaborations with the Brownsville band M.O.P where he had a part in their 2000 song Ante Up

    His only solo effort came in 1997 where he released an album entitled My Will, an album that took a few weeks to complete.

    In 2006 he will have an album out called Contraband, his first studio release since My Will in 1997. It is set to feature M.O.P and is being produced by DJ Premier.

    Now on Facebook:

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  • D.Evilman Ft Paranorm - Hooker To A Housewife (1999)
  • Sons Of Light - Luv Life (Remastered)

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  • Grand Puba - 360 (What Goes Around) [Official Music Video] (1992)
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    Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
    "There's just one thing I wanna say.."
    The reel to reel to reel to reel yo
    "There's just one thing I wanna say.."
    Copy copy copy copy copy
    "There's just one thing I wanna say.."
    We gonna hit it down like this, y'all know the flav
    "There's just one thing I wanna say.."
    Uh, Alamo, is you wit me?
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    Stud Doogie, is you wit me?
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    S.O.S., is you with me?
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    Yo this how we gon' bust it down, yo you know the flavor
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    You know what time is it, check it yo, this how we flow

    [Verse 1]
    Here comes the Puba and you know I won't fake it
    Usually bust records on gettin' butt naked
    Made for the Benzi, drive a nigga trendy
    Pump the tape, grab your dick, get with the Puba frenzy
    C'mon honey sing, don't you, try to eject
    "Slow Down" is what you say, once my joint gets erect
    Some try to copy but they just can't sketch it
    Some try to follow but they just can't catch it
    With the boom boom tap, yeah alla dat
    Huh, I'm livin fat, me fall off, there'll be none of that
    See who's the one to flip it? Quick to tell a nigga to zip it
    Stud drink the forty cause we ain't got time to sip it
    Grand Puba, God body
    Kick some of them, some of those, and some yardies
    As dope as they come, suckers sing or hum
    Don't try to step to this, you know your shit is slum
    First, batter up well here's the pitch - it's a curve
    Second, batter up because the first got served
    The one who arouse, as I browse for a blouse
    Kick styles by the piles, as I leave a trail for miles
    Skins when I please, hit from here to Tel Aviv
    I'm gettin G's, no more time for the line of free cheese
    Here's the four one one hon, the one who gets the job done
    I know you know the flavor of the Puba

    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    Yeah yeah yeah yeah, na-nah nah nah nah, this how we bump it yo!
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    Yaknahmsayin? Big Jeff in the house, we gon' move it like this
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    Ha hah, Baby Pop Baby Pop in the house, bust how we bust it down
    "What goes around comes back around again.."
    Y'all you know the flavor
    Sincere Allah, check check check check!

    [Verse 2]
    Okay okay okay, what more could I say?
    Alamo get the boom and parlay parlay
    I'm far from the average, civilize the savage
    When I'm low on protein, I'm with the bean soup and cabbage
    Skins on the diet, kick the flavor, cause a riot
    Do a show and get the dough and then I'm off to the Hyatt
    Sometimey on the spliff, ain't no and's or if
    And if you really wanna riff you just might end up playin' stiff
    Girbauds hangin' baggy, Hilfiger on the top
    Knapsack on the back, that's just my flavor, akh
    As my man gives a zigga zigga, watchin three grow bigga bigga
    To Pos K, that's my nigga
    Here goes the wreck, whaddayou expect?
    If you wanna see some wreck, send cash, not a check
    Grand Puba, more than a public figure
    Quick to kick the bone up the butt of a gold digger
    Now Tic-Tac-Toe means I hit three in a row
    If I do a show, then you better have my dough
    Low, low, well how low can you go?
    Call on Grand Puba if you really need a pro
    Cause my shit's more rugged than G.I. Joe
    Don't front honey, act like you know
    Now big up to my Brooklyn mob (Brooklyn! Brooklyn!)
    Big up to my Uptown mob (Uptown! Uptown!)
    Now brothers wanna diss me cause it's my turn to burn
    My best advice for the brothers is to sit back and learn
    I don't diss nobody to be somebody
    I just like to kick the flavor to make the people party
    See all I'm sayin' is respect due
    Those who tried to follow, sorry I left you
    Grand Puba, Stud Doogie, and Alamo
    So if you ever want the flavor you know where to go
    Now how we go

    Yeah, ha ha ha!
    The reel to reel, yeah yeah yeah, this is how we move it
    You know the flavor, y'all know the flavor, you know the flavor
    Here we go yo, and you don't stop (big up to all the people)
    Big up! Big up!
    Big Jeff hold tight! Ha hah, ha hah!
    On and on y'all
    Time to get gone
    Word is bond
  • Emskee ft. Snypa & Taylor Made - One By One
  • Donny Dizzle - Put Em Up High
  • Martyse - This Is For The
  • Big Sha Aka Poetry - Once Upon A Rhyme Ft. Artwell Smart, Shabay, DJ Mista Sini...

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  • STEZO “FUNKY FOR YA” (1997)
    Limited to 300 vinyl copies
  • Rascalz - Soul Obligation (1997) | Official Video
    From the album "Cash Crop" Produced by DJ Kemo

    Figure IV Entertainment, 1997.

    Rascalz are a Canadian hip-hop group from Vancouver, British Columbia, who played a crucial role in the artistic and commercial development of Canadian hip hop. The group consists of emcees Red1 and Misfit, and record producer DJ Kemo. Breakdancers, Zebroc and Dedos were also part of the group.

    Formed in 1991, the group released an independent album for Calabash Records in 1992. The album, Really Livin', was recorded under the name of Ragga Muffin Rascals. The re-worked major label recording was released the following year in 1993 by Sony Music Canada. The album was nominated for Best Rap Recording at the 1994 Juno Awards. The group moved to BMG Canada in 1997 to record Cash Crop, followed by Global Warning in 1999 and Reloaded in 2002. In 2007, Red1 released his first solo album, Beg For Nothing.

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  • K-Mack (The Annex Clique) - Golden Material (Re-Issue)