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Volume 10 - Sunbeams (The Baka Boyz Remix) (1994) (
Veröffentlicht am 10.02.2017From the single "Sunbeams" Produced by The Baka Boyz

RCA / Immortal Records, 1994.

Hawkins, known by his stage name Volume 10, is a rapper from Los
Angeles, California. He was a member of the Heavyweights crew along with
Freestyle Fellowship, Ganjah K, and Medusa, among others.

10 was featured on Freestyle Fellowship's 1993 album Innercity Griots.
debut solo single "Pistolgrip-Pump" was released in 1993 to critical
acclaim despite being edited for radio and referred to simply as "Pump"
in 1994. The single is also affiliated with Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity
and was later recorded by Rage Against The Machine for their album
Renegades. He released his first album Hip-Hopera in 1994.

The second album, Psycho, was released in 2000.

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