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Boss - Run, Catch & Kill (1994) (
From the album "Mi Vida Loca (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)" Produced by King Ricardo

Mercury Records, 1994.

It was first a duo, with the rapper female rapper Boss (Lichelle Laws) and her female DJ Dee (Irene “Dee” Moore). The group name stod for "Bitches On Some Shit". Was the first act to sign with Def Jam West.
Female "gangsta" rapper born in Detroit, relocated to LA before being spotted by DJ Quik who stuck her on a track with AMG. Russell Simmons liked the track and promptly signed her to Def Jam West.
Her debut album "Born Gangstaz" and the "Deeper" single taken from it where fairly successful. Her fledgling career was buried by the press after the found out she wasn't much of a gangsta at all. She went on to be a radio Dj in Texas.

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