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Heavy Jewelz - Ill Behavior (1994, Unreleased Demo) (
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A1. If There's Beef
A2. Days Of Sin
A3. Assed Out
B1. Savage Nigga
B2. Put Ya Guards Up
B3. Pushed Up

Here you have 6, all completely unreleased demo joints from the early Wu-Tang influenced group coming strait outta Jerzee! And with our previous release having members affiliated with Wu-Tang we figured we'd continue on the same path on our next release - This time, it goes to show that the Shaolin type of sound that had an impact on so many people over 20 years ago still do to this day. Not only did it influence many emcees in New York, but it also inspired people in New Jersey just months after '36 Chambers' was released as heard on this ill and mad relevant demo to this day when they together paint from a dark palette over a gritty & early 90's soundscape over the reality of the police-brutality on the streets in New Jersey over 20 years ago, being an everyday occurance.

Ill Behavior consists of 3 members - 'The Prolific', as of late, DJ and producer Lessel Izniz Jones and the two emcees - 'Homicide' & 'Zoo Man Crash!'

Thank you for making these essential tracks which are just as relevant today as they were over 20 years ago, if not more.

If the cops comes rolling through with some ill bevavior, let them be reminded that the people are always going to strike back twice as strong and twice as much Ill Behavior back at them! Ain't nothing changed.


The records includes an embossed cover and fully printed innersleeves!! All the artwork is made by the amazingly kind and talented artist Spek The Architek! Follow his page, as I'm sure no one will regret doing so!

- Re-mastered for vinyl by Adam Boose:

- 75 limited copies pressed on Black & White splatter vinyl -
- 100 limited copies pressed on Black vinyl -
- 100 limited copies pressed on White vinyl -

- Ill Behavior - "Days Of Sin" EP [1994, UNRELEASED DEMO] -


- If you order before the end of December 2014, you will be able to combine the shipping with the latest releases from -

The TP-bundle will come with: Alternate sticker cover art and an extra retail copy on Black & White splatter vinyl.


As always, the biggest of thanks to all the people, you know who you are, that support all these unbelievable great releases troughout the years on every single independent rap label out there, and obviously all the other non-rap related independent record labels, as well as artists, that are spreading and making music with not only well thought out acts/samplings but also focus on music with an impact and meaning as the primary focus, respect.

Peace, love, unity & having fun!