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Different Shades Of Black - Comprehension (!995) (
From: Different Shades Of Black - Next School Pioneers

Different Shades of Black are:
Chris Taylor (Mista Christy AKA Chris Stylez)
Leonard Bowen (Scuskotch Tha Ill Lyrasis)
Michael Syms (Marvelous AKA Mike Marvel)
Silent Shade 4th and 5th members are Bryan Facey & Emerson (Eclipse) Brewster

Recorded at The Drio-In Centre, Winnipeg, Mb
Cover Art by Derailer, Solemn King's Crew, The New Context

Produced by Roddy Rod for Farm Fresh Productions
Additional production by Tyler Sneesby and Leonard Bowen
Engineered & Mixed by Rod Bailey

"Comprehension" features Dazol the Daydream Fiend (of mood ruff), Da Buda, Roddy Rod (of Farm Fresh) and D.A.Y.O.
Nu Crops are: Different Shades of Black, Da Buda, and D.A.Y.O.

For info contact: Different Shades of Black
564 Warsaw Ave
Winnipeg, Mb, Canada
R3L 0R4
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