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peopleunderthestairs - Dog Whistles (
PUTS has always celebrated youth culture and people from all walks of life, social classes, ideologies, identities, religions and countries. 20 years of touring opened my mind to the most powerful force in human nature - unity. And, while many may choose to privately grumble about the current divisive state of America, I can no longer remain silent as Trump and the RNC undermine objective reality. There is truth. There is real news. It is happening in front of our eyes, indisputable - just as sure as they called climate change a "chinese hoax" to selling out our national parks and oceans to the very real effort to subvert reality through social media manipulation and bots. This is no conspiracy, it's happening in front of us, plain to see. 2,000 lies on record, while using dog whistle politics to rile up hatred and bigotry in his base. We can’t let this become the new normal.Hip hop will always speak for the voiceless, those who struggle yet aspire for change. We will not tolerate this - ThesDog-whistles in a no-kill kennel of mutts/ They so proud/
He got ‘em riled up foaming at mouth and barkin’ loud/
Or louder than their bite at least/ Livin’ in their own shit/
Too dumb, protect the dogcatcher ‘cause he’s rich/ 
A cartoon buffoon/ A new money royal/
a FOX in the henhouse to egg on the loyal/
Yes! He’s from the soil, Nope he’s not born in Kenya/ 
Or Benghazi, Emails or Female, Shariah!/
The enemies are you and me & anyone who disagrees/
With reason, or logic – Now we committing Treason/
No cohesion now but watch this/ Eyes on my right fist/
To the sky, hold it high/ While I yell RESIST!
‘Cause orange Voldemort wanna deport my family/
Destroy my planet while insulting my damn sanity/
& Sean Hannity will broadcast “alternative facts”:
We’re nothing but scary Mexicans & murderous Blacks &
Liberal Gays – they can’t understand the youth/ 
RNC distort reality at war with the truth/ 
But grab your thinking cap, ‘cause it’s time to go to war
Against hate/ Muthafucka make America Great
They Got
Racists making noise
Sayin’ be good girls and boys
But our time to stand is now.
Don’t you wanna come with me?
Don’t get me wrong both sides may share blame
But the one driving the train is clinically insane/ 
He got The Nuclear Football/ yep, look it up/
He got The Nuclear Football/ He one call away
From erasing our small planet can you understand?
That amount of blood on a small orange hand?
From Heather Heyer to encouraging police to beat ‘em
On “Many Sides on Many Sides”/ Feed ‘em lies 
Illegalize our progress I guess they Beat the odds/
Got you believing that the Earth is flat and eating Tide Pods/
Social Media madness/ I vacillate between sadness and
Pure depression but the lesson’s possession of that top seat/
Doesn’t mean us people below/ are powerless unless
You throw up your hands and don’t vote.
So all of us off the boat from “Shithole Countries”/
Rapists, Murderers, Gays and Junkies
Unite for the fight if only for what’s right/
Take a second your fist in the air and shine your light
On these 
Rascists making noise...
No rappers would, so I guess I had to do it/
Fuck Betsy DeVos, Ryan Zinke and Scott Pruitt/
Climate Change is real, corporate greed has no conscious/
The earth is worth saving more than increasing their profit/
And we’re all in the same boat/
But you would never think it/ based upon the way
The captain and his crew are trying to sink it/
And a lot of baby boomer voters made a big mistake/
Because they’re white they thought he might
Share with them a piece of steak/ and for maybe
A thousand dollars more on their tax return/
They sold their country out man, Burn baby Burn/
It’s collective amnesia/ He “grabbed them by the pussy”?
Then Trump voters have no balls/ Living in fear still 
Hoping for a wall but the wall was in your mind the whole time/
Partisan politics made ‘em blind to objective reality/
But here’s some real news/ 
If we don’t take back our nationality, We all lose.
They got
Racists making noise..