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Brothers Grim - Its Grim ft Madchild (
Brothers Grim - Its Grim ft Madchild

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produced by Nato cuts by Nato mixed & mastered by Nato
video by


I represent the skull & axe, eradicate the dull & wack
These rappers barely floating watch me sink them like they hull is cracked
Rap with raw emotion let me tell you how my father died
Fucking cold and stiff and Im the one who had to shut his eyes
Rapper it don’t matter about the junk that you be spitting
Expose the bitch in you and eat your lunch up in the kitchen
Scriptures it was written that they’d track us with computer chips
Make you lose your mind a hundred times like the Zapruder flick
Like a Trojan Horse goons come with sneak attacks
Siri is a spy but you didn’t know your speakers tapped
What you preach is wack sick of all the sweet talk
Jibberish like beatbox, find me where the beast walk
Yall get the heatrock you fucking with the Brothers Grim
Always struggling used to rock a double chin,
Now we rocking shows where the chant for us like wrestling match
BAXWAR I rock it proudly with the vest & patch

Misguided angel I have gotten back from Hell its true
Write a verse cast a curse put a spell on you
Cause im a Warlock, master im a black magician
Feel the first to feel the worst if your the last to listen
Feeling haunted I was daunted was a dull blade
But now im back to shatter tracks get your skull caved
Call me Terminator 7 with the chrome dome
Extraterrestrial being about to phone home
Blood is ice cold my veins are made of metal
They’re trying to say Shanes insane well maybe just a little
These kids are weak and brittle, Im a psychotic freak
I said im crack im acrobatic on robotic beats
My tongue is razor sharp flick like a stiletto blade
Spitting lyrics im a beast trapped in a metal cage
I go to bed at 5 and I get up at 3
If I am not your cup of tea then just dont fuck with me
Im from the underground, I am the underground
A land where monsters breath fire while the thunder pounds
Used to dye my hair with blonde peroxide, carbon monoxide
Lyrics that can start a fucking rock slide
Blowing off some steam like im a hydrogen bomb
But I should be calm instead of sticking knives in my palm
Im looking in the mirror thinking I dont belong
But then im praying up to God he says that I should be strong
Im listening - lyrics are metallic they are glistening
This is a rebirth - welcome to my christening

My coach told me to run where is the soccer field
Love music since a baby with glockenspiel
Big or skinny bitches Pat Grim will cop a feel
Mix magic and disappear like I'm Copperfield
Mamma taught me better, dad said dreams pursue
Never leave the table like can I be excused,
Only watch the news when I hear a big arrest
Not many my age were built with screws that I possess
The knowledge I ingest test ya patience
Till I hit the stage earthquake rumble like Haitians
No hating after smoking me 2 gs
Killed softly like the Fugees I'm wild on the loose leaf,
Brothers Grim like the 80s Oiler dynasty
After a show I need a red bull or the finest tea
A bright light imagination and I'm feeling great
I'm from 780 2 1s and a 8
@brothersgrim @two1sn8