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Soul P - Money More (2006) (
Soul P - The Premiere

Sure to turn heads with special guests such as Lisa Kimmey (of now-defunct Out of Eden), Sharp Skills, Willie Will and Butta P.

CD"You Can" showcases the skills of Soul as an emcee with Collins laying a nice boom bip as backdrop. Soul wants all in earshot to hear what the "Born Again" sound is all about.

There are plenty of cuts to dance to and no doubt many will be eager to throw these songs to dance troupes. Sharp Skills brings his underground and solid emceeing to the pulsating, "Step Clap", using the cut to encourage opening the Word.

"Whoa Whoa" is a catchy jam with some nice syncopated beats and music that somehow reminds of an old video game. Soul shines as he brings lyrics that hype up any setting.

Mainstream radio needs to take notice of "Goodness", one of the hottest songs on the album. Soul speaks of the goodness of Jesus over Tony Stone's midtempo beat and Kimmey's lovely vocals. Instant classic.

The strength of the album lies in Soul's ability to switch his style. From a straight up “hip hop 101” cut, to rocking a hyped jam, to to his specialty of telling stories with street cred, he does it all. There’s veracity to his voice on "The Streets", the genius of Collins' production shining through, as an atmospheric piano loop and some boys choir "oohs" and "ahhs" resonate in the background.

"Money Mo" is Soul's look at how lust for fame and money clouds the minds of many an artist. Butta P chimes in to explain that she is in it to win souls for Christ. Beatmart newcomer Willie Will brings his grimy flow to the funky head bobber, "Do My Thang". Go ahead and hit repeat.

Lisa Kimmey returns to sing the hook on the very touching "Hey Young Man". Other songs to check out are "Grindin" and "We Don't Know".

The Premier is an album that will please many, and with the right push, will bring life into the rap game. Soul P and Todd Collins have obvious chemistry, making this an album that will be the talk of 2007.