• Mr. Lif & Akrobatik (The Perceptionists) Official Mini-Documentary
  • Coming Home: Haiti (Full Movie)
    The third film in the 'Coming Home' documentary series that follows DJ
    EFN and his crew as they explore countries through hip hop culture.

    Crazy Hood Productions
  • Half Ounce Joint w/ Cookies, Kief, Shatter & Hash (@MysterDL)
    We rolled up this half once joint to celebrate St. Patricks day with only 3 people.
    Video by @MysterDL for ILL Mannered Films
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      Mongrel hahaa da biste bedient
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      Blaze party abend wird das eher nimmer ^^
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  • Propo'88 & BlabberMouf - From the Top of The Stack - MINI DOCU (Da Shog...
  • Da BlabberMouf LP Short Documentary

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  • Wildelux beat tutorial
    Flipping and chopping up a sample and constructing a beat!
  • TRB2HH Docu-series presents: Crazy like That glue- The Craig Mack Story
    In 1994-1995 Bad Boy Entertainment released two artists that would change the game forever. Craig Mack and Notorious B.I.G.!

    Mack’s story** began in 1988 when he was part of a group called Mc EZ
    and Troup. The Craig Mack story is just as important, or may actually be
    more important, than Notorious B.I.G’s; it all depends on your
    perception. One thing is clear, if it wasn’t for the song “Flava In Ya
    Ear”, Bad Boy Entertainment beginnings may have been a whole lot
    “The Route Back 2 Hip hop’s” douc-series is an attempt to
    give you a new perspective on the legacy of Bad Boy Entertainment,
    Notorious B.I.G. and Sean “P. Diddy” Combs and how their success and
    relationships intertwined. **“Crazy Like That Glue”** will give you a
    true understanding of how Craig Mack’s rise to fame and success was
    ultimately the same attributes that caused his downfall.

    people are familiar with the _Notorious B.I.G and Sean P-Diddy_ Combs
    place in Hip-hop.. But when you think about it... there was also Craig
    Mack right beside them both... The rapper from Brentwood Longisland with
    the distinctive voice and the exaggerated " Boooyeeee" adlibs that had
    everyone Boppin there head. **Craig Mack** almost single handedly put
    the spark into Bad Boy entertainment with his hit single " **Flava in ya
    ear**". How could someone so impactful to a era in Hip-hop be so
    forgotten of his importance? Was it on purpose? Well, until now ... This
    documentary uncovers some of the most inner and delicate secrets from
    that time and era .Told by the very people that was there from the
    start. This entertaining and insightful story will fill in all the
    blanks that was missing from the Full BAD BOY story. Success can mean a
    lot of things to most people but timing is Key to how successful you
    will become. At the time Sean "P Diddy" Combs was starting a young
    upstart company called BAD BOY entertainment he enlisted two unknown at
    the time rappers **Craig Mack and Christopher Wallace aka Notorious
    B.I.G.** Now witness a never before told story about the man who sparked
    BAD BOY entertainment. Written and Produced by James Billings
  • Universal Style School New Year’s Jam
    Universal Style School New Year’s Jam on January 7th, 2017 in San
    Antonio, Texas. Hosted by Dot and Triz in celebration of their recent
    "This is an All-ages, Free and Open to the Public,
    Community come-together involving live aerosol painting, a freestyle
    Cipha session for b-boys and -girls, and spray paint/dance action for
    kids and families. Through our engagements in Hip Hop culture freedom
    practices and community-building we recognize and aim to show once again
    the expansive benefits for families, the city, and society more

    King Cre8 From LA
    Rage & Lace, Austin Old School Kings
    B-boys Trigger and Vix Mzk sparkin the Cipha
    DJ Vicious and daughter DJ Cutinn Chloe
    DJ Devastator....spinning
    Live Boom Bap Beats set by Oneofus
    Live Music by Los Nahuatlatos

    you’re ever in San Antonio and need any paint supplies, art, or super
    fly urban gear stop by the Paint Yard. Really dope store and cool
    The Paintyard
    1216 Hoefgen Ave
    San Antonio, TX 78210
    One exit south of the Alamodome at Carolina

    filmed and edited by oneofus
    2017 furthertransmissions productions
  • Oneofus "Graff Hunters”
    2017 beat vlog 02...In today’s episode I meet up with a homie to seek
    out some graffiti spots around town. It was an awesome and very
    successful day! I don’t want to give too much away because all of it
    will be featured in an upcoming Dallas graffiti documentary.... had to
    hit some vinyl spots before and after, of course! If you like the videos
    hit the subscribe button...several new ones every week, if not daily.
    Stay tuned

    beat by oneofus
    filmed and edited by oneofus
  • Purple Lotus Special December
    Check out all the goodies Purple Lotus have in stock... Come through and close out 2016 the right way.

    Purple Lotus Patient Center
    752 Commercial St #20 San Jose, CA 95112

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  • CES FX Paints 'Subway Train' for Mass Appeal
    Mass Appeal recently linked with CES FX to shoot a 20th anniversary
    piece on a mock-subway train at the TATS CRU yard in the South Bronx.
    “Did the Mass Appeal train in record time,” says the renowned writer.
    “See, I paint like I’m getting chased no matter what, ‘cause it keeps
    you on your toes.”

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    Website: http://massappeal.com
    Twitter: http://twitter.com/massappeal
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    started as a humble graffiti ‘zine in 1996 would soon grow to be one of
    the most trusted outlets for youth-spawned urban culture. Today, Mass
    Appeal is a media collective led by authentic voices and inspired minds.
    We are a platform for radical creatives who are transforming culture.
  • Strain Hunters Jamaica Expedition (Full Length)
    Please Subscribe to keep us going! Official Site: http://www.strainhunters.com http://www.greenhouseseeds.nl Facebook http://facebook.com/greenhouseseeds & http://facebook.com/strainhunters.off...
    Music by: Marlon Parkes aka Bobo Shanty
    Here we go again!
    board a flight from Amsterdam and in 9 hours we are in the Caribbean.
    After a layover of just a couple of hours on Curacao, we fly on to
    Jamaica. We land in Kingston around 11 am local time. The air is hot,
    but not too humid.
    We have a 3 hours layover, so we decide to get out
    of the airport and go have lunch in Port Royal, half an hour away on
    the coast. It's a bit of a ghost-town, once a very rich merchant harbor,
    destroyed at the end of the seventeenth century by a powerful
    earthquake. It looks like it never really recovered…
    We eat lunch
    in a small fish-restaurant, famous for its snapper. But I eat jerk
    chicken because I am picky with my fish, and the jerk-spices here are
    Of course we drink some Red Stripe beers, and Simon and
    myself decide it's time to find some weed. It does not take long before
    we hit the jackpot: literally on the side of the local Police station,
    along the seaside, there are some barracks and shacks; inside a group of
    Rastas is busy cleaning and chopping weed and rolling it up in small
    balls, using rolling papers as containers.
    We ask if we can buy some,
    and the guys are thrilled. It's cheap, less than 1 Euro per gram. But
    it's a bit bitter, very leafy, and we enjoy it just because it's been a
    while since we smoked in Amsterdam! Some of the Rastas in the back are
    smoking crack cocaine in a glass pipe, the smell is terribly sour. They
    ask if we like some, and we politely tell them we are just here for the
    ganja; they nod, and scream "Jah Rastafari"!
    We sit and smoke a joint
    with them, and chat a bit about the local weed, and the cops. It's
    incredible that this is all happening next to the Police station.
    We leave as soon as the joint is over, and we go back to the restaurant to join the rest of the crew.
    time to get back to the airport and catch a Jamaican Airlines flight to
    Montego Bay, where our local contacts are waiting. The flight is really
    short, under half hour, and we arrive in MoBay before sunset. Bigga,
    Shanti, Nampo and Taleban are waiting for us and it's great to see them
    again; Arjan and myself spent some crazy days with these guys not long
    ago, during our scouting trips on the island.
    These guys are a tight crew, and they are going to take care of us during the next days of this filming trip.
    Nampo is a older Rasta, wise man, with lots of contacts and very respected.
    his friend, is a grower and a smuggler, a real pirate and one of the
    funniest guys we ever had with us during our expeditions.
    Bigga is our driver/bodyguard, he's a man of the road and he knows who and what you need to know to keep us safe.
    is a local singer, a reggae artist with an amazing talent and a great
    personality. I know him since he was 10 years old, back in 1994, when I
    spent a few weeks near where he lived with his father (the man supplying
    me with fine herb at the time). It was really special to find Shanti
    during our scouting trips back in July, he's now a grown up man… and I
    am getting old! Shanti will come along and make sure the soundtrack of
    our travels is inspiring and inspired.
    We get the cars, two Toyota
    Fortuner, and we load up the mountain of gear we are carrying. Then we
    drive down to Negril in the sunset light, and when we arrive it's
    already dark. We decide to spend the first night at the Blue Cave
    Castle, a really cozy place on the rocky cliffs of Negril.
    another true 1994-flashback for me, this is one of the places where I
    stayed when I was a 20-years-old ganja-traveler, already a Strain Hunter
    without knowing it…. Of course to make the flashback even more
    intense the same room where I slept then is available, so I take it.
    It still looks the same.
    are tired from the long travel, and we decide to go for some food.
    Unfortunately the chef is sick, so we decide to find something not too
    far away. We hit a jerk-chicken stand by the side of the road and we eat
    like there's no tomorrow.
    After a few Red Stripes and a few joints
    we go back to the hotel, where we smoke some good amount of high-grade
    weed, and some "gum", the local finger-hash.
    The weed is definitely
    an indica-cross, it tastes sweet and strong, and they say it's from a
    site not too far from where we are. We make a plan for tomorrow, and we
    go to sleep. Jamaica is great. It's a true privilege to be here again.
    Jah Bless!
    And now we are back with MisterX pics, the man is a true artist..... enjoy!
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      Mongrel hahahaa nice ;) die hab ich auch schon alle durch
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      Blaze huntin that good stuff weee haha - habs net komplett angeschaut muss ich jedoch zugeben...
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  • Prodigy's Top 3 Worst Prison Food Experiences
    Prodigy did a three-and-a-half year bid in jail from 2007 to 2011 on
    weapons charges. On October 11th, he released a cookbook called
    "Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook" inspired by the meals
    he cooked up while incarcerated. Prodigy came by the HNHH office
    recently to tell us about the worst jail food incidents that inspired
    him to get into cooking.

    The first incident occurred on Prodigy's
    first day -- along with his fellow inmates, he consumed a mixture of
    crushed ramen noodles, crushed Doritos, and chopped mackerel. "It's
    really disgusting looking, but it's real popular on Riker's Island," he
    explains. A couple hours later, he became stricken with food poisoning
    and started vomiting everywhere before taking a trip to the infirmary.

    second incident occurred somewhere upstate, when he was getting ready
    to eat dessert. On this particular day, it was bread pudding. "I sit
    down to eat," he recalls. "And a fucking pube is sitting out the middle
    of the bread pudding like a birthday candle."

    The third incident
    is one he heard second-hand. There was a cooler filled with juice. After
    everyone had drank all the juice, they found a dirty rag at the bottom
    of the cooler. "They be doing foul shit to the food in jail," he says.
    "There's a bunch of degenerate-ass, crazy, sick motherfuckers in jail.
    You hear stories like that. Motherfuckers doing weird shit to the food."

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    scenes, interviews, music videos & more from your favorite artists:
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  • Apollo Brown & Skyzoo - The Easy Truth | Official Documentary
    Get insight into the new album "The Easy Truth" from Detroit producer Apollo Brown and Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo.

    iTunes http://tinyurl.com/hzxygm9
    Bandcamp http://tinyurl.com/hmybojd
    CD http://tinyurl.com/gm3hvwz
    Vinyl http://tinyurl.com/hd7aanr

    About The Album
    and produced in Detroit, “The Easy Truth,” is the perfect distillation
    of hiphop influences. Every moment on the album is a loaded question, a
    perspective positing a notion of truth, the convergence of grit and

    Joining the artists on the record are Joell Ortiz,
    Westside Gunn, Stalley, Conway and Patty Crash, a reciprocal band of
    guests that only add depth and richness to the duo’s chemistry. Coming
    September 30th, “The Easy Truth,” is true to its titular description:
    honest, fluid, and organic.

    recorded by Tate McBroom @ LabCabinRoyalOak
    mixed by Magnetic @ The Disc
    mastered by Eric Morgeson @ Studio A Detroit

    Executive Producer Michael Tolle




    Sounds Beautiful Like The Truth
  • Rapping, deconstructed: The best rhymers of all time
    Here's how some of the greatest rappers make rhymes

    Special thanks to the research of Martin Connor who was interviewed in this piece. More of his rap analysis can be found here: http://www.rapanalysis.com/

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  • De La Soul - We're Still Here (now)... a documentary about nobody
    De La Soul's new album 'and the Anonymous Nobody...’ OUT NOW!
    Order Here: https://delasoul.lnk.to/andtheanonymo...
    Vinyl also available: http://smarturl.it/dls_vinyl.

    CD: http://smarturl.it/dls_cd
    iTunes: http://smarturl.it/dls_itunes
    Spotify: http://smarturl.it/dls_spotify
    Google Play: http://smarturl.it/dls_googleplay
    Amazon MP3: http://smarturl.it/dls_amazonmp3

    Follow De La Soul:
    Website: http://www.wearedelasoul.com/
    Facebook: http://smarturl.it/dls_fbook
    Twitter: http://smarturl.it/dls_twitter
    Instagram: http://smarturl.it/dls_insta

    film credits:

    fueled by monster energy https://www.monsterenergy.com/
    an a.o.i. records production
    an nyfrequency & alternate ending film

    produced by: brandon hixon
    directed by: j anders urmacher
    co-produced by: howard cho and smiles quinn
    cinematography by: j and seth "12 stops" hagenstein
    art direction by: taylor zahn
    additional editing by: james smith III
    additional cinematography by: marvin van buren, patrick coker and pierce jackson
  • The Story of The Wu Tang Clan (Full Documentary 2008)
    In the summer of 1993, the Wu-Tang Clan emerged from the slums of Staten
    Island and took the hip-hop world by storm. Their legacy spanned over a
    decade, garnering fans worldwide and generating sales in excess of $50
    million. This is their story.
  • Masta Ace - The Falling Season (EPK)
    Pre-order links for "The Falling Season" available below:

    Vinyl, CD & Tape: http://bit.ly/Masta_Ace-The_Falling_S...
    Bandcamp: https://mastaace.bandcamp.com/album/t...
  • SMELLS LIKE HIP HOP - La Culture Hip Hop En France
  • Ded Tebiase - MPC series 2 - episode 1
  • NYC : Seen Red [Documentary]
  • The Passion of Price (2015)
    Following his highly successful "Monkey Barz" full length solo CD release Sean Price AKA Ruck of Heltah Skeltah drops a behind the scenes look into his music and life with "The Passion of Price" the DVD. Produced and directed by General Steele and Cynical Smith of Bucktown USA Entertainment, The Passion of Price gives you a true inside look at one of Hip-Hop's rising stars gone to soon.

    riP Sean AKA Ruckus!!!
  • Biggest Mafia War - Mafia Documentary
  • ARTEMIS [Documentary] (Female Rappers in UK Hip Hop) (2015)
    ARTEMIS focuses on 9 current female MC's in UK Hip Hop, exploring various perceptions as to why there are not more prominent female voices in the genre, both on stage and behind the scenes. Directed by Oliver Whitehouse & Produced by Laura Green.


    Bobbie Johnson
    Genie Marie
    Holly Flo Lightly
    Jaz Kahina
    Shay D

    Behind the scenes filmed by Fleur Wild.
  • Silver Tongue Devil Chronicles Part 3 - Battling, Rock Steady Crew, Swollen Memb...
    In an part 3 of our exclusive one-on-one with Madchild, he goes deep into the making of his new album "Silver Tongue Devil" to talk about battling for the first time, the Rock Steady Crew, and the early success of Swollen Members. Pre-order the album in the BattleAxe store at Bit.ly/BattleaxeOfficial and on iTunes.

    The cover art for “Silver Tongue Devil” was painted by the legendary street artist L'Amour Supreme and the record is available for pre-order online at www.Bit.ly/BattleaxeOfficial with a limited edition t-shirt from Mishka NYC.
  • Hozay - Maschine beat making (Native instruments maschine beat) (2015)
    me making a beat from and old violin sample on maschine
  • Mr. Green - Live from the Streets ft. KG of ATR (2015)
    For this episode we linked up with KG, an incredible reggae artist we met out in the park in Brooklyn. This one is crazy because we recorded the whole song outdoors, just a few minutes after meeting each other. What happened is Sam, the co-creator and OG director of the show, and his girlfriend Ally were walking through the park one day when they heard some amazing singing coming from a group of people hanging out by the lake. They walked over and found KG and his crew ATR (Above the Rest) free-styling. Everyone exchanged numbers and then a few days later Sam brought me down there with some beats. I played KG just one track off my beats album “one day EP” and almost immediately he started singing into the mic “… I was born to be king black…”

    I’m proud of this one because, like most of our tracks, it happened in the most organic way possible. But not only, we recorded the whole thing outside on the side of a lake and now they play it the radio (on Sirium XM) and on TV (on MTV Jams)… crazy.

    The track is called “Born to Be King” and you can get it on the first
    official "Live from the Streets” album out now on Duck Down Records
    feat. Freddie Gibbs, Matisyahu,KRS One, Malik B, Vinnie Paz,
    Bodega Bamz and many more.

    Get the album:
    Itunes: http://smarturl.it/livefromthestreets
    Amazon: http://amzn.to/1bRL9Cu
    LFTS (for CD's) http://bit.ly/1PUCEoy
    UGHH (for CD's) http://bit.ly/1GTbCvO
    Soundcloud: http://bit.ly/1GG4KAv

    Thank you for watching/listening.
    More episodes are on the way, -Green

    P.S. Be on the lookout for more from KG and his crew A.T.R. (Above the Rest).
    They are DOPE… so dope that we recorded a whole album with them called
    “Live from Parkside”… stay tuned for that… boom

    Video directed by Sam Lipman-Stern
    Cinematography by Sam Lipman-Stern and Hiram Stelzig