• Sabac Red of Non-Phixion | Organize & Mobilize | Planning and Prioritizing t...
    Today my guest is John Fuentes also known as Sabac Red of the legendary
    Hip-Hop group, Non-Phixion. Aside from an MC Sabac is a Husband, Father
    community activist and more. He also works with the Oakland city youth
    overseeing grants and programs geared towards developing positive young
    adults. We’ll talk a bit about how he got into social activism by
    building with many celebrities before the fame as well as his time
    working with MC Search and more. And of course a strong Q&A
    segment.  Before we start the show though I wanna shout out Mighty Muds
    for leaving a comment on iTunes. he said “Seriously best info I've
    gotten in a while. Glad I found this, already got started on my projects
    thanks to this. Glad to be a Kahleague”  Thanks to everyone
    subscribing, rating and reviewing the show on iTunes. please be sure to
    leave your name and I’ll shout you out on the next show.   ---- 1:16 - Guest Introduction 3:08 - Non-Phixion 20 plus years 5:00 - Connecting with MC Search 7:15 - Listening to unreleased Nas’ Illmatic  11:00 - Trying to battle Bud Bundy 13:55 - Where it all started: City Kids Foundation in New York 22:18 - Acting with friend Dash Mihok 23:55 - Discussions that lead to progress 26:18 - Malik Yoba encouraging Sabac as a young adult 28:11 - Overseeing federal/state funding and class curriculums in the Bay Area  30:10 - “What You Gonna Do About Hate” Music Video with Malik Yoba, Donald Fasion and more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uFBoZ... 30:40 - Daily Routine 31:21 - Working with amazing people 34:14 - How Artists and Educators are similar 35:45 - Balancing Day Job, Family and Music 37:15 - Wanna-be Journalists 38:38 - New EP out 2017 39:30 - Music related streams of income  41:04 - Appreciating Travel and experiencing cultures —— 30:40 - Daily Routines 45:08 - Work/Life Balance: Prioritize and Respect your value 47:15 - Where did you see yourself at this point? 49:25 - Life Hacks: Results of O.C.D. 52:30 - Failure turned Success: A failed relationship is opportunity for a better relationship 54:58 - Ensuring action and execution: Planning 59:08 - Rules for collaboration and partnerships: Must align with your own vision 1:03:30 - Book, Movie or Reading suggestion: “Finding Joseph” Bad Brains Documentary: http://hrdocumentary.com, The Book: https://www.amazon.com/Finding-Joseph... 1:05:04 - Top 3 -Do Smile -Don’t Text and Drive -Must have Sleep (and a fresh pair of Jordans) 1:09:52 - Words to live by: "Sharing is daring and I dare you to continue to share." 1:11:08
    - Contact Sabac Red: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram @SabacRed. Look out
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  • Geechi Suede - 0.9 NyteLife FM - EPK
    As one half of groundbreaking hip-hop duo Camp Lo, Geechi Suede has
    spent the past two decades painting exquisite lyrical portraits over
    lush soundscapes, often provided by frequent collaborator Ski Beatz.
    Coming off the success of the latest Camp Lo album "Ragtime Hightimes"
    and a recent tour alongside Digable Planets, Geechi Suede is proud to
    announce his new project, "0.9 NyteLife FM". While fans wait for the
    next Camp Lo album (coming in 2017), "0.9 NyteLife FM" will be available
    at all digital outlets on December 2nd, 2016.
  • Lewis Parker on UK/US collaboration & mentality [Boom Bap Festival 2015]
    spoke with Lewis Parker at Boom Bap Festival 2015 about UK/US
    collaborations as well as the difference between the typical US and UK
    artists' financial mentality.

    Lewis Parker: https://www.facebook.com/lewis.parker.7

    Sektion Red:

    Interview filmed by Oliver Whitehouse and Jessica Kathleen Brady.
    To get in contact with us email SektionRed@gmail.com
  • Rustee Juxx Reflects On His 18 Years In Hip-Hop
    Interview by Makzwell Skot for Breaking Wreckords Radio.
    Video by Makzwell Skot / Edited by Maloney for Breaking Wreckords Radio.
    Honorable shout out to Tom at Reel Wolf Productions.

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  • Lacrim : "Je ne suis pas en cavale"
  • Kery James : “Mes rapports avec Skyrock ont toujours été très tendus”…
    Ray Vendetta & Bad fx a talk about putting together the lion scriptures project and what's in the pipeline.

    Lion Scriptures available for download @:

    Filmed and edited by AMS.
  • MR GREEN - Just One Record #55 (Interview)
    L'équipe de Just One Record a eu l'occasion de rencontrer MR GREEN,
    producteur du New Jersey pour son premier concert en France, avec le
    légendaire R.A. The Rugged Man et une légende en devenir, le jeune
    Green nous parle de son album favori, issu là aussi d'un
    groupe de légende, GANG STARR, il nous parle aussi de ses nombreux
    projets à venir…
  • Apollo Brown - Questions (Interview) (2015)
    Detroit producer Apollo Brown answers questions posed by people online.

    Shot by Jay brown.
  • New Video Interview on TheBeeShine.com: What Inspires New Jersey's 050 Boyz
    New Video Interview - Newark NJ hiphop group 050 Boyz speak with The Beeshine about their musical and personal inspirations, the group’s history and the Brick City scene, and they also talk about their new album “Everything 050″ which releases on 4th August

    The album is produced by Clinton Place and includes features by Treach (Naughty by Nature), DoItAll (Lords of the Underground), Tha Advocate, Lakim Shabazz and many more
  • Ill Bill Talks New La Coka Album & Current Everlast Relationship. (2015)
    This is the 1st episode of our D.D.TV (Digital Dynasty TV) interview with ILL Bill (of La Coka Nostra/ Heavy Metal Kings) and we caught up with him on a rainy day in Coney Island. In Part 1 Bill tells us what’s in store for the new Coka album, how he has changed from the early 2k’s to 2015 as an emcee, he lets us know if Everlast will be on the new LCN album, what features and Producers we can expect to see on the LCN album and lastly tell us if another Ill Bill solo album is in the works.

    Download DD34 (Hosted by Ill Bill) here- http://www.audiomack.com/album/thaadv...

    Digital Dynasty TV (DDTV) was created by Tha Advocate to add a visual aspect to the Digital Dynasty Mixtape series. DDTV is a joint venture Between Tha Advocate, Ballerstatus.com and Monstar Films. DDTV aims to give you a personal look into some of your artists lives and asks the questions you want to hear, no politics involved.

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  • Caridad de la Luz aka La Bruja talks music & politics with Jon Leiberman
    Honoured with the title "Bronx Living Legend" by the Bronx Music Heritage Centre, Caridad de la Luz aka La Bruja is a poet, musician, singer, rapper, actress and activist / campaigner on a number of issues affecting women and youth empowerment

    She delivered the renowened "WTC" poem on Russell Simmons' HBO show Def Jam Poetry, appeared in Spike Lee's "Bedazzled" and released the album "Brujalicious" featurng Tony Touch, B-Real, Joell Ortiz, Jadakiss, Jungle Brothers and many others - mixed by DJ Precision of the X-Ecutioners

    In this new video interview, she speaks about music & politics with Sirius XM's Jon Leiberman for his new online tv series "Rapping with Leiberman. Subjects covered include the US elections in 2016 & Hillary Clinton, the Boston Bomber, Indiana's needle share scheme, the gender wage gap, legalization of cannabis, and the Rolling Stone story involving a false rape claim in Virginia....and the consequences that could have for women who have suffered at the hands of this crime

    She also spits some bars and talks about her current music career

    Well worth watching!

    Can connect with them on twitter @LaBrujaNYC and @ReporterJon
    • Blaze we did not have many if even any of these so thx for that.
  • Buggs Tha Rocka speaks to Jon Leiberman about US elections and foreign policy, r...
    The latest edition of the new online tv chat show “Rapping with Leiberman” has just aired on Youtube today.

    Hosted by SiriusXM’s Jon Leiberman, the new show which invites rappers, producers and djs in to discuss the hot political and news items of the day is only a few weeks old, but has already featured Bishop Lamont and Constant Deviants emcee M.I.

    Today’s guest is current Cincinnati “Hip Hop Artist of the Year” Buggs tha Rocka.

    In this interview the pair discuss Buggs’ album Scattered Thoughts of an American Poet which released in December, lyricism in hip hop and whether “rap is dead” as well as his signing at the start of the year to Talib Kweli’s Javotti label.

    They then move on to Obama and the upcoming US elections, the nuclear deal with Iran and American foreign policy, and then talk about racial tensions & profiling in Ohio in the aftermath of the Walmart shooting there last year. Linked to this they touch about the economic situation in the area which has seen a growth in unemployment and Buggs gives his thoughts to the question of the biggest problems facing black men in America today
  • M.I. from Constant Deviants Talks Politics (Rapping With Leiberman)
    M.I. from Constant Deviants speaks to Jon Leiberman (Sirius XM) for his new online tv chat show Rapping with Leiberman.

    They discuss the upcoming US elections, US foreign policy in the Middle East and Africa, Rolling Stone Magazine’s retraction, Indiana’s RFRA and also the new Constant Deviants album “Avant Garde” out on 12 May