• Ancient Kushites feat. Raiz Sativa Band - Roots and Culture
    Ancient Kushites [Ghana] feat. Raiz Sativa Band [Chile]

    The minds of men today are stirred with eager questionings about the origin of civilization and about the part the different races of mankind played in its development from primitive ages. But this music video is to educate this generation, Our story deals with the Ancient Cushite Empire of Ethiopians, that covered three continents and held unbroken sway for three thousand years. We say its time the world visit old Ethiopia, where as Herodotus said, "the gods delighted to banquet with the pious inhabitants." To study the lands rich root and culture of the Ancient race. The "Old Race...
    Video realizado por NouvellePlaya. 

    Tiempo de Relax es una adaptación visual a un Little Pepe estéticamente más personal. Abriéndose de una manera sincera a todo lo que no entra en su espectro de sensibilidad. Fuera de una visión estandarizada de la imagen de Little Pepe, se ha aislado a su personaje en la naturaleza para darle vida a su mensaje de una manera más orgánica. Técnicamente, visualmente hablando, es una metáfora visual-técnica con el alma de la canción y del artista. Mezclando en un montaje dinámico y con unos efectos de distorsión al más puro estilo cinta clásica (no, no esta roto tu ordenador, es un VFX!) dando a ver dos calidades muy bien diferenciadas: Full HD y Cinta DV. Grabado en un maravilloso día en Málaga en la barriada de San Jose con la ayuda de Adriana Berrocal como asistente de rodaje.
    Las fotografías carrete de 35mm a color, disparadas por Adriana Berrocal (@adrianabv_)
  • Poupa Lost - Far Away (Audio)
    Troisième extrait de l'album INCANTATIONS de POUPA LOST, dont la sortie est prévue pour le 2 Mai 2017! A PARTAGER EN MASSE!

    Pré commande ton pack collector (cd + flasque gravée + affiche dédicacée + stickers + pochon de Jacker Haze):

    Illustration: LOST Créa

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  • Emblem - Fri
    Spotify: http://spoti.fi/2nMjywD

    Första singeln från Emblem's kommande EP.
    Producerad av: Lance-a-lot
    Mixad/mastrad av: Pap

    Videon filmad av: Emblem
    Redigerad av: Roger Jensen

    Insta: @emblem_menas
    face: facebook.com/emblem.malmo

    Menas Music 2017
  • Koro Fyah - Eyes Red
    Koro Fyah - "Eyes Red"

    FREE DOWNLOAD AT:- soudcloud.com/bebblerock OR korofyah.bandcamp.com

    Produced by - Kabaka Pyramid
    Directed by - Pierce "Daddy P" McClean and Andrew Jackson
    Bebble Rock Music
    Mixed by:- Roland McDermot at Circle House Studios

    more Koro Fyah at:-

    Instagram - @korofyah
    Twitter - @korofyah

    Bookings - bebblerock@gmail.com
    Dubplates - korofyahmusic@gmail.com
  • Kabaka Pyramid - Liberal Opposer
    Official Music Video for the song:-
    "Liberal Opposer" by Kabaka Pyramid (@kabakapyramid)
    Directed and Edited by Jason Lannaman for Arawak Studios
    Album - "Lead the Way EP"
    Label - Bebble Rock Music/Soul of the Lion
    Produced by: Green Lion Crew
    Shot on Location in London, England

    Purchase song:
    iTunes:- http://znc.bz/1ctoJSQ
    Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Lead-The-Way-Ka...
    Juno: http://www.junodownload.com/products/...
    Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/lead-...


    Dont you fight us down (im a rebel)
    Dont you fight us down (say me honoreble)
    Dont you fight us down dem nuh waan see we sit pon di throne

    Pon di battlefield, I'm a Rebel
    With a cause, never pause
    Babylon a devil
    Pon di battlefield, Im a Rebel with a cause
    observe the laws of Ma'at

    I am a liberal opposer
    practioner of yoga
    position of the cobra
    tradition of the Shona
    trace back my lineage to inna ethiopia
    down inna Kemet me build di pyramid of Djoser

    Hieroglyphics dem a call that Medu Neter
    when me see the sun a rise in the sky me call it Kheper
    High priest a cure the Leper
    with praises onto Neter
    them come ya with them cross but mi say the ankh is better
    we no want to see no beretta rise up fi go take a life up
    Jus sip the breath of life up
    No nyam no flesh and mek sure you exercise nuff
    and be careful of the one who teach the Jesus Christ stuff

    Pon di battlefield, I'm a Rebel
    With a cause, never pause
    Babylon a devil
    Pon di battlefield, Im a Rebel with a cause
    observe the laws with no flaws

    haile selassie a di leader
    deh pon di battlefield ya
    humble as a lamb mi just a follow di procedure
    rasta man a healer
    beast get trample under heel ya
    mi buss up every seal weh dem seal ya
    read a couple chapter den
    reflect upon di factor dem
    focus on di acronym
    fi open up mi chakra dem
    seated inna di lotus mi a soak up all di oxygen
    Kemetic yoga mi bring over from the continent
    africa thats where we wanna be
    we living inna poverty cause a di economy
    capitalistic and the materiality
    we no see reality only periodically

    Kabaka Pyramid Online:-
  • Massy The Creator - The Blame
    "People spend too much time finding other people to blame, too much
    energy finding excuses for not being what they are capable of being, and
    not enough energy putting themselves on the line, growing out of the
    past, and getting on with their lives." J. Michael Straczynski

    This is the first release from the FUTURE ROOTS album by Massy The Creator.

    "Future Roots" Album
    Music Prod by "Amit Sagie" / "Michael Massy DaCosta"
    Video Produced by Massy/ Z Aya/ Nathan Cowan
    Directed by "Massy"
    Edit by "Massy"

    Special Thanks to 'Mission House Basic School' in Gordon Town.
  • Mr. Williamz - Ganja Palace
    Music video for Ganja Palace (Official Video) performed by Mr. Williamz.


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    ¿Quién Queda? es el segundo clip del nuevo trabajo de Little Pepe: TEMPLAO que salió a la calle el pasado 2 de Diciembre.

    Videoclip grabado en Málaga y realizado por Islam Zekkari

    Puedes disfrutar de TEMPLAO en:
    Deezer: http://www.deezer.com/album/14471904

    Germaica Iberia & Boa Música