• L.V. - I Am L.V. (Music Video) (1996)
    Tommy Boy Music is a legendary Hip Hop & Electronic record label founded in New York City in 1981. The label is credited with launching the careers of notable legends Afrika Bambaataa, Coolio, Queen Latifah, House of Pain, De La Soul, and Naughty By Nature.


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  • Otis Jr. & Dr.Dundiff - Waiting On You (music video)
    The second single from Otis Junior & Dr. Dundiff's new album "Cool", releasing December 14th on Jakarta Records. Preorder here: https://otisjuniordrdundiff.lnk.to/Cool
    Vocals - Otis Junior Production - Dr. Dundiff Vocals Recorded/Mixed - Frames Danco
    Video - Thomas Johns at
    750four Productions
  • deM atlaS - Music Man (Official Audio)
    Music Man: https://rse.lnk.to/MusicMan
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    Written and performed by deM atlaS
    Produced by Ant
    Additional instrumentation by G Koop

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  • Voicemail (Music Video) - Staasia Daniels
    Get the Mood Roulette EP here: http://staasiadaniels.com/mr 
  • Ms. Melissa & Her Soulknights - Miss You
    M I S S Y O U

    Single by Ms. Melissa & Her Soulknights

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    Website: https://www.affiliatedcph.com

    Artist: Ms. Melissa & Her Soulknights
    Co-producer/Recording: Yuwanit
    Mix/Master: Maconi Music Marbella
    Recording: Henrik Holst

    Director of Photography: Bears In Tux
    Set-Coordinator: Ina Mieritz
    Assistance: Mathilde Savery
    Director: Alexander Engel
    Editor & Grader: Bear in Tux

    Ayi Solomon
    Pelle von Burlow
    Anton Langebæk
    David Besiakov
    Søren Høst
    Anders Malta

    Emilie Brooklyn
    Selene Muñoz

    Photography: Simon Jahki

    A special thanks to:
    The Essence

    Produced & Published by Affiliated

    Copyright © 2018 Affiliated. All rights reserved.
  • Talos - Slow Traffic Feat. Jerome Thomas (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
    STREAM / DOWNLOAD ‘LOWLIGHT EP’ HERE: https://highfocus.lnk.to/Lowlight

    Brought to the attention of High Focus Records through his stellar production work with long time collaborator, and our newest signing, Coops; Talos has been creating a name for himself with his signature smoothed out sound for quite some time now, his dusty sound can be found all over the recently released 'No brainer' and Coops' earlier critically acclaimed material 'Lost Soul' & 'God Complex'. Enter ’Lowlight’ EP, Talos’ first solo release on High Focus, and as you can imagine, it is as cool as can be; a record made in the late Summer inspired by the long nights and dreamy sunsets of the season. To bring things to the next level, Talos has brought in some of the brightest young talents London has to offer, from Jazz (Nubya Garcia), Hip Hop (Coops) & R’n’B (Jerome Thomas & Poppy Ajudha) scenes all adding their distinct dulcet tones to this smooth and sophisticated body of work. Relaxed, mellow, dusty - the perfect accompaniment to these long summer evenings, especially to those orange/pink skies. Enjoy!

    Filmed and edited by

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    Jerome Thomas on Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeromethomasfoe
    Jerome Thomas on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jeromethomasfoe
    Jerome Thomas on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeromethoma...

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  • Marcus D - 2018 - Fallin in Love ft. Pismo
    The first single from Pismo & Marcus D upcoming full-length album.
    Free Download Here:

    Verse 1:
    Started off to work this morning
    Found myself outside your door
    Ooooh, And I'ts not the first time that it's happened
    But don’t think I can take it much more

    (Hmm….well I) Lost my appetite, I just can't eat
    And when I close my eyes at night, I just can't sleep
    Don't work your ears on me
    But I thank you girl, it's me
    Can't complain, can't complain, baby

    Verse 2:
    Cosmic feelings droppin' down my spine
    Radiating from your angel eyes
    When I touch you, girl, I want to touch you more
    You're the one I've been waiting for

    And if you really wanna know the truth about it
    I think I'm falling in love (falling in love)
    And if you really wanna know the truth about it
    I think I'm falling in love

    And if you really wanna know the truth about it
    I think I'm falling in love (falling in love)

    And if you really wanna know the truth about it
    I think I'm falling in love (uh huh)
    I think I'm falling in love (In love)
    Falling In Love

    Verse 3:
    Cosmic feelings droppin' down my spine
    Radiating from your angel eyes (Those angel eyes yeah)
    When I touch you, girl, I want to touch you more
    You're the one I've been waiting for (Waiting for)

    And if you really wanna know the truth about it (oooh)
    I think I'm falling in love (I think I’m falling in love)
    And if you really wanna know the truth about it
    I think I'm falling in love (Falling In Love)

    And if you really wanna know the truth about it (Wanna know)
    I think I'm falling in love (falling in love)

    And if you really wanna know the truth about it
    I think I'm falling in love (Falling In Love)

    Can't eat, baby can't sleep
    Got me walking up and down the street (Ooooh)
    Trying to get myself together (3x)
    Come on, come on

    I think I'm falling in love (In love)
    Falling In Love

    I think I'm falling in love (In love)
    Falling In Love

    Lyrics by Pismo
    Produced by Marcus D
    Additional production by Vitamin D
    Mastered by Vitamin D
    Artwork by LLGFX
  • Sly5thAve - Let Me Ride feat. Jimetta Rose (Official Video)
    Buy/Stream: 'The Invisible Man: An Orchestral Tribute to Dr. Dre' via https://truthoughts.lnk.to/TheInvisib...

    'The Invisible Man: Let Me Ride' is heavily influenced by Ralph Ellison's novel 'Invisible Man’ as Sly5thAve was greatly inspired by the text itself when creating his album. Francesca Mirabella and Sly5thAve wanted this film to continue that exploration, offering a modern abstracted interpretation of some of the themes, story moments and visuals of the novel.

    With this video, Sly5thAve hopes to add his voice to the current conversation about police violence against people of color in America. Francesca Mirabella is honored to be have been entrusted to executed his vision with her visual interpretation.

    Starring Geo Alexzander
    Directed by Francesca Mirabella

    Come down to the Chinese Movie Theatre in LA on Friday 15th June for an official screening as part of the Dances With Films film festival.

    Tickets available via https://danceswithfilms.com/film-list...



    Francesca Mirabella


    Tru Thoughts Online:

  • BUSDRIVER - Right before the Miracle (Official Video)
    performer/director: Busdriver
    director/editor: Dylan Tull
    camera man: Azzdie

    "Right before the Miracle" features the Underground Railroad

    production & drums by JMD
    saxophone by Randall Willis
    bass by Reggie Carson Jr.
    guitar by Robert “Bullet” Harris
    organ/keys by Mikal Majeed-Hammond
    percussion by Don “Papa Dee” Littleton
    improvised vox by Regan “BUSDRIVER” Farquhar

    recorded & mixed at JMD’s pad.

    the song is taken from the album
    "Electricity is on our Side" by BUSDRIVER

    Pre-order the album here: https://busdriver.lnk.to/ElectricityI...

    release date: TBA

    lyrics to the head:

    I am calling out your name
    in the dark as the wind swept
    I think that we could inherit carats of gold, that have not been found yet
    ‘Cuz your a testament of God
    Shaking the skies until there’s no thunder left
    Peep game though
    Keep all them griots outside of the poorhouse
    The lifeblood is flowing in lanes of the tour route
    I am calling out your name
    Know that I mean it
    I am calling to tell that this all is ours
    And if we make a plan, we can take
    All the lands and the dreams that they ever have stolen from us
    Then remake
    A new world in a self image that is true and robust
    I am calling out your name so just answer me,
    I want your mind to be free.

    Temporary Whatever
  • Amy Winehouse - Half Time (Prod. by Salaam Remi) (2002)
    From the 2011 compilation album release: "Lioness: Hidden Treasures." R.I.P Amy Winehouse.
  • J.Lamotta - Chance (official video) + TourDates
    Music, lyrics ,production & trumpet by J.Lamotta すずめ
    cd & merch: https://jakartarecords-label.bandcamp...

    Special guest on the trombone - Franki D
    Film and edit by Leigh Bolton
    Assistant director Coco Dasent

    May 30th - Bar 1000, Berlin
    June 2nd - Stream Festival Linz, Austria
    June 9th - Maze Club, Berlin
    June 14th - Milla Club, Munich
    June 15th - Kino Ebensee, Ebensee
    June 16th - Tübingen Human Rights Week - Haagtorplatz
    Jun 17th - Hafen 2, Offenbach
    Jun 18th - Faust, Hannover
    Jun 19th - TamTam Records, Aachen
    June 20th - Sonderbar, Coburg
    June 21th - Kukoon, Bremen
    June 22th - Scala Adorf, Chemnitz ,
    June 23rd - Daschbau, Innsbruck, Austria
    July 6th - Splash festival
    July 14th - Jenseits IM VIADUKT , Zurich

    Chance / Lyrics
    The particular method that I often use is sit down and breath in and out
    then I bring awareness to the great flow and good mood
    from my feet to the back to the top of my head

    Just hearing about it doesn't necessary mean that you will
    be able to do it imediatly
    but there is nothing that you can not actually do
    cause when you practice you have it all, most definitely

    so don't hesitate and give it chance
    it worth ay, you will feel it
    and if you open your doors to this world
    you will find such a good and new way
    trust me

    you know I haven't been juggling words for entertainment
    it all came from the sun of my heart yeah
    I guess I'll figure out the journey while living the moment
    the flow will take you, so give it a chance

    but at the same time we can not live in a hurry
    each step and its own time
    cause there is nothing than you can not actually do
    once you practice you have it all, most definitely
    "The New Thang" by Mo&Grazz.
    Video directed by Roën
    Produced, recorded & mixed by
    Mo&Grazz @TableSharkStudio
    (Pre-mixed by Denis Moulin & Dj Grazzhoppa)
    Lead vocals by Monique Harcum
    Backing vocals by Nina Babet, Chantal Kashala & Steve Kashala
    Guitar, Bass & Keys by Denis Moulin
    Beats & Cuts by DJ Grazzhoppa
    Horns by Jan Eggermont, Olivier Bodson & Peter Delannoye
    and recorded & arranged by Jan Eggermont.
    Mastered by Tradd
    Visual design by Sozyone (R.A.B. / U.B.)
    Original picture by DVL
    Booking: willemvandesande@gmail.com


    Copyright (C) 2017 Monique Harcum, Wim Verbrugghe.